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All you need to know about the Intelligent Mailroom—automated processing and delivery of all your inbound documents


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An Intelligent Mailroom is a technology that quickly processes all inbound documents in any format and then distributes them to the relevant departments across your organization.

That is made possible by a combination of technologies that process all incoming documents to extract the crucial information correctly.

Our Intelligent Mailroom does this by using techniques such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), intelligent character recognition, optical mark recognition, and barcode scanning.

An Intelligent Mailroom (IM) is a technology that quickly processes all inbound documents in any format and then distributes them to the relevant departments across your organization. It supports operations, saves time, and prevents errors and losses. Moving to an Intelligent Mailroom will improve your operational excellence, increasing your responsiveness.


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This is what the journey of incoming documents looks like:

  1. Loads of documents arrive at your firm, in any document format, through any channel.
  2. OCR, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) go through the documents to identify, classify (into categories such as contracts, claims, orders, and invoices) and prepare to distribute them correctly.
  3. The same technologies also extract metadata from the documents’ contents (think of data such as customer number, receiver’s and sender’s addresses, date, and signature), preparing it for validation in your business database.
  4. The documents are now ready to travel. They are delivered to the right department—finance, HR, customer service, marketing, claims, and others.

With mailroom automation, everything is tracked from entry to exit. This enables effective reporting, auditing, and analytics—you will no longer lose information as the audit trail is transparent and easy to follow.

Your customers will love this:


Customers are mostly the same—we do not like to wait too long, explain the same issues to different departments, and we really hate coming back to repeat the same administrative processes. 

Automated handling of all incoming documents will end this nightmare—it ensures clear organization, transparent communication, and a quick response to your clients’ issues. This results in a significant elimination of customer frustration.


“Employees feel more valued as their work is more challenging—instead of administration they can focus on serving customers quickly and personally.”

How long will the implementation take?


To know what return you can expect from an Intelligent Mailroom, consider these five steps, and build your business case:

  1. Make sure you know exactly what types and formats of information are coming into your organization and from where.
  2. Get an overview of how many documents arrive daily in your organization (if you do not know, an additional audit may be necessary).
  3. Count the number of people you employ to receive, handle, sort, process, and dispatch documents—both internally and externally.
  4. Find out if your workload is growing, fluctuating, or stable.
  5. Determine how long it currently takes for documents to reach their destination from the initial entry.

An implementation takes between two weeks and three months. The implementation is organized in phases and brings value throughout the entire process.

mailroom solution can be deployed within two weeks and generate immediate results. For a complex organization, it is usually fully in place within three months.


We have successfully implemented—and often extended—the Intelligent Mailroom for a variety of clients, so we can provide you with a fully accurate price estimate.


We understand that bringing in a new solution could raise doubts: What if our employees do not like it? What if it will be too hard to understand? What if they simply ignore the solution?

The answer to all these questions is our easy onboarding process and training. We created Intelligent Mailroom to make life simpler




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