• Remove manual input and assignment of e-mail handling.
  • Apply automatic Classification and Extraction to e-mail
  • Never let an important e-mail go unnoticed.
  • Dispatch incoming e-mails automatically to the right person.

E-mail handling costs more than handling scanned documents.

Process all incoming e-mails and send them to the right people and systems. If necessary.

E-mail is complex to process

E-mail handling is more complex than processing paper forms. The message is never well-formed, often lacks basic information about subject, sender and addressee and the real information can be in the attachment.

And to make things worse… The attachment can be in every possible format or can even be another e-mail or a whole mail conversation.

Manual processing can cost you millions

Manual processing is not only very time consuming, but it also poses a risk as to whether the information has been actually processed.

Get e-mail out of the personal mailbox

Using personal mailboxes to process information poses a real operational risk.

Proven solution

Our solution has been used by tens of customers to process e-mails and to get the information sent to the right people and systems.

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