Manage the inflow of information more efficiently and process data in real time!

  • Use our Classification and Extraction Solution for all your channels and use cases: Mailroom Automation, Archiving operations, E-mail channels, App uploads, etc;
  • Docbyte’s Digital Mailroom works lightning-fast with on-the-spot and provides 24/7 data capture and extraction.
  • Get up to 60% of extra time for meaningful tasks while reducing operational costs to get the same amount of boring administration done.
Digital Mailroom

Intelligent Document Processing diminishes administrative workload.

Receive, sort, and process all your

customer documents much smoother:

Capture at the edge

Make it easy and clear how your customers can send you documents with a designated, customizable upload portal. Either through a web app or on-the-go through mobile capture that runs on their smartphones. We also support centralized and decentralized web-based scanning.

Make a clear, privacy-by-design path for documents

Smart technology (machine learning + pattern recognition)

will structure every piece of information before it enters your company, so it can go directly to the right workflow or person. Additionally, we use AI to go template-independent to save you reprogramming worries. A new document layout doesn’t have to lead to hours of adjusting your automated process.

Implement once, use everywhere

Our solution operates as an architectural building block in your environment. The models and automations that are created can be used in a variety of environments and use cases.

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