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Why To Choose Us For Digital Archiving

Bridge the gap between the past and the future with our diverse suite of Qualified Electronic Archiving.

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Ensure compliance with national and international regulations.

Maintain long-term data integrity and accessibility with eidas archiving.

Automate key archiving processes.

Streamline business communication with effective correspondence management.

"Docbyte's Digital Archiving solutions empower your business to handle data in the most efficient and secure manner. Our suite of compliance archiving solutions includes Certified Electronic Archiving, Long Term Preservation, Application Retirement, cloud archive, GDPR archiving ,Correspondence records Management, and Preservation of Digital Signatures and Seals, all built on the powerful and reliable Docbyte platform."

Our Solutions

Certified Electronic Archiving

Comply with eIDAS, enhance data accessibility and security, and preserve information with our robust CeA solution.


Long-Term Preservation

Ensure longevity and document authenticity of your essential data and documents while automating preservation actions.

Application Retirement

Derive maximum value from your data during application decommissioning, reducing IT costs and optimizing system performance.

Application Retirement
Correspondence Management

Correspondence Management

Transform your business communications and improve customer relationships with our Document Retention solution for effective correspondence management.

Preservation of Digital Signatures and Seals

Preserve the integrity of your digitally signedand sealed documents in line with eIDAS and ETSI 119.511 standards.

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Platform Features

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Enterprise-Level Security

Our platform guarantees high-level security, safeguarding your data and ensuring its long-term access.

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Regulatory Compliance

With adherence to international standards like eIDAS ,GDPR, MIFID II and more, our solutions ensure your organization stays compliant.

Application Retirement


Streamline your processes with automation, reducing manual intervention and minimizing errors.

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Our platform adapts and grows with your business , providing consistent performance regardless of data volume.

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With seamless integration into existing IT infrastructure our solutions provide a smooth transition and uninterrupted service.

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Preservation Planning

Future-proof your business by safeguarding and maintaining access to digital content for future generations.

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Active Data Management

Automatically migrate and convert data formats to ensure they remain readable and usable.

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User Access and Discoverability

Enhance access and discoverability of data for users, fostering better decision-making and efficiency.

What Differentiate Us

The World’s First Qualified Electronic Archiving solution

Automated Information Classification and Retention Management

Legal Certainty and Evidence Management

Easily complement your solutions

Broad range of use cases

We maintain the solution

Let us show you

how Docbyte can help

Take care of systems that aren’t part of your core activities, but that you need to process and preserve vital information.

Deliver an agile digital vault for compliant access to information by team members and customers.

Drastically shorten compliance processes by extracting data, validating data and digital signatures.

Trusted by Global Businesses Across all Industries

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