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Insurance Industry:

Less Manual Classification

More Automation & Compliance

Use the power of AI to collect, organize and archive

insurance-related documents in compliance with the law

There are two vital things to follow in the insurance business—constant regulation updates and dynamically growing expectations of your customers.

You need advanced, law-compliant digital solutions to keep track of both.

Through their implementation, you will also improve the experience of those you need the most—your employees.

We help businesses with these most common

regulation challenges


( MiFID II (Markets In Financial Instruments Directive )

This legislative framework strengthens investor

protection and improves the functioning of

financial markets, making them more efficient,

resilient, and transparent.

1.    How to archive customer communication properly?

Qualified Electronic Archiving (QeA): Simply, the

most complete archiving is a proper solution with

legal proof, including validating and preserving

eSignatures and eSeals (QES).

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2.    How to archive transactions

Correspondence Management:

Archiving all customer communication

with options for dispatching.



How can you get legal proof of the above-mentioned actions?

All our solutions are based on strong knowledge of the MiFID II regulation and fully comply with this law.


KYC (Know Your Customer) & AML (Anti-Money Laundering)

A set of activities to be performed by regulated businesses in order to verify the identity of their customers. This includes obtaining sensitive information to prevent money laundering from illegal activities.

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1.    How can you save time when collecting customers' proper documents?

Document Collection: The tedious document collection should not be your people's job. Let AI send your customers the upload requests, then automatically extract the data you need.

2.  How to speed up the collection process to improve customer experience?

Intelligent Document Processing: Providing one's personal data is not a hobby to anyone, yet, it has to be done in specific cases. Make this process simple, fast, and secure with a set of AI-based tools that can increase the productivity of your operations by 60+%.

See how we helped Federale Insurance to classify incoming communications of all kinds by implementing our AI and machine learning solutions.

eIDAS Regulation (Electronic Identification and Trust Services for Electronic Transactions)

This regulation, which came into force in 2014, establishes a framework for using electronic signatures, electronic seals, and other electronic identification and trust services in the EU.

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1.    How can you demonstrate the legal validity of electronic signatures?

Trust service providers work with worldwide accepted certifications and standards to gain and keep the trust in digital signing.

2.  How can you properly preserve such documents?

Preservation of Digital Signatures and Seals: Create trust in your digital future by checking all your information during ingest. The features that help you with this are Signature & Seal Validation, Evidence Record Creation, Evidence Augmentation, and Timestamping.

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An EU regulation to modernize the e-Commerce Directive regarding illegal content, transparent advertising, and disinformation.

1. What is the qualified way to preserve all digital-born documents with a retention period?

Qualified Electronic Archiving (QeA): You need a compliant solution that ensures your digital documents legibility, authenticity, and integrity. You also want it to be as simple as possible—such as our Qualified Electronic Archiving integrated with any DMS, EIM, or ERP system.

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Benefit from automatic requesting and organizing documents

These are the most common use cases for using ML-based automated tools in the Insurance industry.

Requesting information from your customers

Requesting documents from your clients gets much faster after implementing automation solutions. No matter what kind of details you need to process the claim, you can make it easier for your customers to provide you with their data. Send them automatic requests to upload the data and once you receive them, connect them directly with the specific customer case. Collecting documents using our Document Collection tool is secure and allows you to reach process automation results of over 95%.

Extraction of claims data from documents (Claims management)

Automated data extraction helps you reduce the time you spend processing claims-related documents. Docbyte solution can read data from any incoming documents and pick the ones that are vital for your further processes. No need to go through claim requests manually and re-write data from them to e-mails or spreadsheets. Our machine learning-based tool, Document Classification and Extraction, can turn information from any type of document into structured data.

Distributing documents across the organization

Automation tools from Docbyte can not only analyze data on the incoming documents but also send these data (or the documents themselves—such as claim forms) to the specific department or people. There is no need for extra effort to receive and sort the incoming data—this is our tool's job. Plus, since it is constantly learning, it understands the data regardless of the template they are filled in. Digital Mailroom automates all the incoming information in real time.


Simplify, Digitize and Automate Document Information Processes.