Document Collection and Verification

We at Docbyte streamline your document collection method and verification processes, enhancing efficiency, security, and customer experience for your business.

Streamline Document Collection and Verification with Docbyte

Improve your document intake process

with our advanced, customizable, and

secure document collection service.


Easing Your Way to Efficient Document Collection

Reduce the cost and repetitive tasks of asking your customers to return a form or to send a copy of a document.

Send your customer directly from the back-office a request to upload a document, take a picture of a document or scan a document collection.

Directly connect the documents to the customer case with optionally the data is extracted automatically and validated.

Automate those requests wherever updates of documents are periodically required.

Receive , Sort, And Process All Your Customer Documents Much Smoother

Securely Automate Document Collection

The customer receives a text message or email via which he is kindly asked to take a picture of a document or to provide a copy of the necessary document. These documents are automatically verified and where necessary the data gets extracted and sent back to your systems with our document collection application. This automated document collection process can be easily triggered from your existing back-office application.

ML/AI Capabilities

Automate document classification and data extraction out of the uploaded documents. Depending on the document types and the processed volumes, ML/AI will allow to reach process automation results to reach over 95%.

Customizable User Oriented Solutions

If your business needs are outside of the traditional scope of our configured solutions, it is possible to opt for a non-traditional procedure and to build a bespoke special system.

Key Benefits

We streamline your document automation and document verification process, providing a solution that is not only efficient and secure, but also improves customer experience and adaptability. Experience the ease of a seamless process designed with your growth in mind.


Speed up your document intake process with automatic document checks and data extraction.

Customers Come First

Enhance your customer's interaction with a tailored, user-friendly upload portal.

Security Measures

Our document processing system strengthens your defense against fraud with its advanced checks and rule application.

Convenient Flexibility

Allow your customers to easily switch between devices with our progressive web app.

Consistency is Key

Ensure uniformity in data gathering with our standardized process, leading to reliable and high-quality data.

Scalable Growth

Adapt and grow with ease, as our solutions are designed to handle increasing volumes of data as your business expands.

Key Features

Our platform supports the creation of specific document sets and automatic document checks to ensure you receive the right type of documents, enhancing efficiency and mitigating errors.

Customizable Upload Portal

Our upload portal can be tailored to reflect your corporate style, providing a seamless experience for your customers. It supports both file uploads and taking pictures.

Automatic Document Checks

Our solution checks the received documents to confirm they are the correct type, increasing the accuracy and reducing the need for manual verification.

Data Extraction and Rule Checks

Automate data extraction from collected documents and apply document rules checks for an efficient and secured intelligent document processing.

Fraud Prevention

Leverage advanced cross-checks between different documents to enhance your fraud prevention measures.

Progressive Web App

Our platform is designed as a progressive web app, allowing sessions to be seamlessly transferred between mobile and desktop devices.