Organize and Extract Data from Documents Using AI

Are You Still Processing Documents Manually?

Contracts, reports, agreements, and all kinds of documents contain vital data for your business. But processing them manually simply cannot be your people's job.

Firstly, manual document processing is exhausting and can lead to burnout among your employees.

Secondly, we all make mistakes. Therefore, by manually processing (not only incoming) documents, but you also end up with unmotivated personnel making errors. And that's not where you want to be!



Intelligent Document Processing:

  1. The ideal addition to your RPA
  2. Eliminate the need for manual classification and data extraction from documents using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. 
  3. Works for all channels, such as E-mail, Paper, Forms, etc.
  4. Easily integrates in your existing solutions. 
  5. Increase the efficiency and productivity of your operations by at least 60%
  6. Your operations become available 24/7 and responses can become instant
  7. Improve compliance to organize data with automated anonymization
Intelligent document processing

Our Intelligent Document Processing Solutions

Saving money – is something we all like. Imagine doing so while increasing your productivity and improving your customer experience, as your services will work faster and be available 24/7.

Document Collection

What is 'intelligent' about Docbyte Intelligent Document Processing?

The intelligent process automation of Docbyte IDP lies in using AI-based digital transformation technologies—Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computer Vision, or deep learning. Plus, our solution keeps on learning constantly. Since it remembers and understands the actions that must be done, its amount of knowledge and its ability to react to unknown situations (= intelligence) grows with every task. It is designed to automatically classify extract, and validate information from structured and unstructured data, mostly documents.

What types of documents can IDP handle?

IDP can handle not only text, but also graphs, charts, and other graphical sources of data. It extracts and displays data such as an address, phone number, invoice amounts, or a client profile. Once this is done, a real person verifies the data. Each real-person verification becomes IDP's further knowledge.

Most IDP-Processed Documents And Use Cases

clients contracts

Three Most Frequently Asked Questions About Intelligent Document Processing

1. Will I have to fire employees after applying Docbyte's IDP solution?

No. Implementing Docbyte Intelligent Document Processing tools finally enables you to offer your employees space to work on more meaningful tasks than just extracting datafrom incoming documents. Plus, your teams will gain much more time to create sales opportunities and improve customer support.

2.  Do I really need an external solution such as the one from Docbyte—if I have an internal IT department?

In theory, no. But just in theory. We believe your IT team has different important tasks and projects to work on than developing and testing the abilities of AI-based document processing tools. Since we already have one—and it works—it is much easier and more time-efficient to go for our digital transformation solutions. But, of course, we will cooperate with your IT department, plus you will get your dedicated Service Delivery Manager assigned especially for your company.

3.How long does it take to implement Docbyte's IDP tool?

We work as fast as your IT department allows us—that is what we like to say. In general, we emphasize the importance of the pre implementation phase. You can find more about the preparation and the step-by-step process of implementation in this article.

Automated Extraction of all unstructured and semi-structured information,

ensuring better efficiency and compliance.

Improve your document process automation, data entry, information sanity and information retrieval with Intelligent Document Processing:

Email Handling

The burden of processing emails has become a real pain, and it's even more challenging than dealing with well-structured paper forms. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that customers want to send all their information via email. Fortunately, we can help you with this.

Document Collection

Why not ask your customers to upload specific documents directly from your backoffice solution? You can then verify whether the right documents are sent automatically and add the data to your back-end system.


GDPR imposes in several cases that you can not accept certain types of information from your customers or that you need to remove that information before archiving it. We can help you by automating this.

Digital Mailroom

Plenty of companies have implemented a solution for scanning all incoming documents, but still have manual document classification and data extraction. We can plug into this to automate these tasks.