Human Resources: Automatically

Process Candidate Information and

Archive HR Documents in a Compliant Way

How can you more easily and efficiently process

employee or candidate information, and archive

that information in a compliant way?

Onboarding new employees requires processing lots of paperwork.

It’s a bit similar to a KYC process in other industries.

You’ll need to process several types of documents:

Identity Documents

Driver’s licenses


That’s a job that requires lots of man power and time to process all the required documents. We can help you automate that process. We have our proven document collection solution that can do the heavy lifting for you.

How can an AI-based,

automated solution help with

your HR operations?

If you onboard the candidate, eventually, there is also a contract going to be signed. Preferably, that’s done digitally. How are you going to validate and properly preserve that digital signature for years to come? Of course, we have a solution for preservation of digital signatures.

hr section 5-1

Digital Act, eIDAS and GDPR Compliance

In all EU-countries, employment documents ,i.e. all information related to the employment contract of a person, in other words: CV, contract, sick leave, pay slips, etc. Need to be archived compliant with the GDPR.

This imposes very specific requirements with regard to digital archiving. In countries like Belgium this is even more strict and a similar regulation is coming on a European level.

Our Docbyte platform helps you to be compliant with those requirements, and to prepare for the future.

Long-term preservation of HR Information with the

Compliant Digital Preservation

Our Docbyte platform is here to prove the legibility and authenticity of electronic documents for as long as you need—according to your laws and regulations. It works both for digitized and digital-borns documents.

HR section 5-2

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