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Document Preservation and Processing for Human Resources

Legally Exchange all HR documents

HR documents require meticulous handling, including contracts, identity cards, payslips, and more. Our solution facilitates the legal preservation of documents and ensures the preservation of digital signatures for extended periods. With Docbyte’s Agile Digital Vault, your HR documents remain 100% authentic and secure, adhering to stringent retention policies and regulations.

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Efficiency Across Departments

The Benefits of Archiving With Docbyte


We quickly ensure the legal validity of digitally signed employment contracts and other documents per eIDAS regulations. Make sure you provide confidence in the legality of HR documents.

Security and Compliance

Docbyte is the first to be certified and qualified for Electronic Archiving. Our service guarantees legal compliance and secure storage of sensitive HR documents.


Continuous and cost-free access to stored documents for employees. This accessibility is crucial to HR document management, facilitating efficient retrieval when needed.

Electronic Exchange Efficiency

Streamline the processes of employment contracts and everything related to electronic exchanges of vital HR documents. This contributes to the overall efficiency of HR operations.

Document Preservation and Retention Management

Preserving specific documents, such as individual accounts, worker service statements, and salary slips.

Optimising HR Processes

Employees have easy access to data

Link with your e-signing partner of choice

Easy connection with various sources via API

AI document Classification and Extraction

In compliance with EU regulations

GDPR implies specific rules with regard to what should happen with HR information. Specific retention periods apply (these are different in every country).

What is the Context?

Management of Retention periods in compliance with local regulations.

Several countries' laws foresee additional specific statements if the contract is digitally signed and the information is digitally shared with the employee

How does it work?

All document related to the employment relationship that are electronically shared should be

Electronically Archived:

What does this mean?

In HR,

If documents are signed digitally and if the organization wants to have proper management of retention periods, they will need to implement a proper digital archiving solution.

In Several Countries

This is an obligation by law, in that case, they need to work with a Qualified Trust Service Provider.

What do we offer?

An archiving solution that is fully compliant and certified that offers

Secure Access Control

Retention Management

Retention Management

Easy Integration

Easy Integration

Easy Employee Access

Easy Employee Access

Preservation of Signed and Non-Signed information

Preservation of Signed and Non-Signed information

HR Document Processing

You’ll Need to Process Several Types of Documents.

Onboarding new employees requires processing lots of paperwork.

It’s a bit similar to a KYC process in other industries.

ID card image docbyte

Identity Documents

driver license image docbyte

Driver’s licenses

Others important documents image docbyte


That’s a job that requires lots of man power and time to process all the required documents.

We can help you automate that process. We have our proven document collection solution that can do the heavy lifting for you.


HR Records Retention

We understand that HR records retention is paramount for your business. GDPR and other regulations impose that records can only be kept as long as they serve their purpose. This also means that records must be securely deleted within a certain period after someone leaves the company. Our system ensures automatic records retention to facilitate your HR procedures.


How can an AI-based, automated solution help with your HR operations?

If you onboard the candidate, eventually, there is also a contract going to be signed. Preferably, that’s done digitally. How are you going to validate and properly preserve that digital signature for years to come? Of course, we have a solution for preservation of digital signatures.


Long-term preservation of HR Information with the Compliant Digital Preservation

Docbyte's platform guarantees the legibility and authenticity of electronic HR documents, whether digitised or digital-born. Compliant with evolving laws and regulations, it prepares your organisation for the future of HR document preservation.


Digital Act, eIDAS and GDPR Compliance

In all EU-countries, employment documents ,i.e. all information related to the employment contract of a person, in other words: CV, contract, sick leave, pay slips, etc. Need to be archived compliant with the GDPR.

This imposes very specific requirements with regard to digital archiving. In countries like Belgium this is even more strict and a similar regulation is coming on a European level.

Our Docbyte platform helps you to be compliant with those requirements, and to prepare for the future.


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