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Digital Archiving and Intelligent Document Processing are the streamlining force in every regulated business’ information exchange. Select your industry field and learn in an instant how our solutions can help you.

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Use the power of AI for the collection and organization of financial documents—all in accordance with KYC, AML, MiFID II, Digital Act, eIDAS, and other regulations.


Improve customer experience and the everyday work of your people by streamlining the way you collect and distribute documents and data with the help of AI.

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Follow the newest Supply Chain Traceability regulations, such as AGEC or the upcoming Anti-Waste regulation, and take advantage of automation to reduce your employees’ time spent on getting proper data from your downstream suppliers.

Human Resources

Archive and Secure all your employment contracts and related documents in a qualified way with the help of our tools for qualified preservation of Documents, eSignatures, and eSeals.

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Ensure 100% legal compliance and information security of your patients' data while avoiding costly information migrations and data loss related to system upgrades.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Follow the EU GMP guidelines and archive your records related to manufacturing, testing, and quality control of pharmaceutical products in a compliant way.

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Archive all your business financial results

and build brand heritage with the help of

our platform for long-term preservation.

Cultural Heritage

Ensure the preservation of digital and digital-born heritage for future generations in a proper, compliant way while keeping it easily accessible.

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Properly archive all digital-born documents with a retention period in compliance with The Belgian Digital Act and the upcoming revision of eIDAS.

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Simplify, Digitize and Automate Document Information Processes.