Document Classification

and Extraction

We simplify data management at Docbyte! Experience accurate classification & extraction to transform your data into actionable insights.

Pluggable Machine Learning-Based

Document Classification

and Data Extraction

We at Docbyte make data accessible, delivering intelligent document classification and extraction powered by Machine Learning.

Document Classification and Extraction

Smarter System, Less Effort: Our ML

Module Helps!

No more time-consuming manual searches: Find and extract critical information from any document rapidly.

Turn unstructured data into structured insights: Our intelligent system learns with every document processed.

Accelerate your business processes: Find and organize data in an instant, supercharging your workflow.

Flexible application across channels: Use our Classification & Extraction solution for Mailroom Automation, Archiving Operations, Email Channels, App uploads, and more.

Why Our Solution?

We make Machine Learning accessible through Docbyte, refining your approach to data management. Our document classification and extraction solution does more than just digitize documents – it transforms the way you manage data. Our system learns with every use, becoming increasingly accurate over time. This continuous learning process means even if you start with little or no historical data, our solution becomes highly efficient.

Plus, with the capability to process handwritten information, our service rises above traditional OCR systems.

Key Features

Machine Learning Powered

Uncover the power of automation and accuracy with our solution. Our Machine Learning technology reduces errors, thereby boosting productivity.

Seamless Integration

With our module, your existing apps or mailroom solutions get a simple yet powerful upgrade. Sit back and appreciate the automation in sorting documents and extracting data.

Speed and Efficiency

Process data rapidly with our automated classification and extraction, promoting faster decision-making and business efficiency.

Key Benefits

We enhance your data strategy with precision, speed, and adaptability.

Work Smart, Not Hard

Automate your document classification and extraction process, reducing manual labor and errors, thus improving overall productivity.

Machine Learning Edge

Employ Machine Learning for precise document classification and data extraction.


Our module can easily enhance

your existing applications or mailroom solutions.

Improved Speed

Improve your data processing speed, supporting faster decision-making.

Good Flexibility

Our solution is adaptable and

can process data from a range

of documents, even handwritten


Smarter Every Day

The more you use our solution, the more accurate it becomes, thanks to Machine Learning’s continuous learning principle.

The Docbyte Difference

At Docbyte, we go beyond simple document management with our advanced Classification and Extraction module. Our solution, rooted in Machine Learning, adapts and learns from each interaction, enhancing precision and efficiency over time. It’s not just about intelligent document processing, but a dynamic system that evolves with your business needs.

Our module excels in handling a diverse range of documents, even those with handwritten information, outperforming traditional OCR systems. By seamlessly integrating into your existing systems – from Mailroom Automation to Archiving Operations, it brings the power of Machine Learning right into your workflow.

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