Pluggable Machine Learning-Based

Document Classification and Extraction

Save time, workforce, and money by extending your existing system with our ML-based module to classify and extract data from your documents. Don’t replace but improve!

  • Access and extract the data you need from any document and turn them into structured information
  • Significantly reduce or even absolutely eliminate the time spent searching for data within the unstructured documents.
  • Take advantage of the machine learning principle of our solution—the module learns each time you tell it to search for something specific within a document.
  • Fasten all your document data-related processes by allowing our classification and extraction module to find and organize what you need in a blink of an eye.
  • Take the business advantage and use our C&E solution across your channels—Mailroom Automation, Archiving operations ,E-mail channels, App uploads, etc.

Why Our Solution?

●    Fast implementation thanks to our platform

●    Pipeline automation for training new models

● Continuous training allows the solution to stay performant over time and allows you to start with no or little historical data

●  Our solution can even process handwritten information on structured forms

Stop processing documents manually and get what you need much faster

Adding machine learning capabilities should be a part of your Intelligent Document Processing

Extract Handwriting, Printed text, or other data from Scanned Documents

Data in your documents are not numbers only. Be it basic text, numbers, or tables and forms, the solution from Docbyte handles it all. Therefore, it gets further and makes your job easier than traditional OCR systems.

Allow your people to Provide your customers with Faster Responses

No matter the business field or the structure level of the document, the manual searching for essential information within a document is gone. Let the module search for, find, and provide your employees with the data they need in order to help your clients.

Do not Change your system—Improve it with Our Solution

Enhancing your current applications, mailroom solutions, and other functions and features with machine-learning capabilities does not require a complete and painful system change. Instead, we can simply plug our solution into it so you can continue working as it suits you.

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