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We help you in becoming a fully digital company in a compliant way.

Your Customers want exceptional service and you want peace of mind.

You can take care of your customers while Docbyte helps you to:

Take care of systems that aren’t part of your core activities, but that you need to process and preserve vital information.

Provide an agile digital vault, that allows your team members and customers to find the right information in a compliant way.

Drastically shorten compliance processes by extracting data, validating data and digital signatures.

Add Trust Services to your Solutions by using our APIs

By adding our APIs to your IT solutions, you can greatly improve and automate compliance processes. We have APIs to validate and preserve electronic signatures and documents, to verify documents and to create documents.

the Agile Digital Vault

What does it deliver?


Docbyte helps you to make it easier to modernize your IT landscape and to have your team focus on your core business, while ensuring better interoperability and compliance.


Create an extra layer of protection against cyber threats with data that remains unaltered and tamper free. Ensure Business Continuity by preserving your vital records in a secure Digital Vault.


Reduce your carbon footprint by going fully digital. Reduce your Total Cost of your IT-environment and ensure the longevity of your organization with adequate and compliant digital preservation technologies.

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Trustworthy Digitization and Preservation

Secure and Preserve all you contracts, correspondence and vital information so you can have peace of mind

Together we add Trust to the Digital Transformation of your Business

24/7 data capture and extraction with digital mailroom.

Send and request documents through a web or mobile app.

Automatically apply the right tags to improve the search process.

Anonymize for GDPR compliance and data privacy.

Reduce archival costs and save time on search with a digital archive.

Speed up processes with digital process automation.

Raving Reviews

Discover What Our Satisfied Customers Have to Say!



Docbyte’s Correspondence Management Solution has revolutionized our customer interaction process, resulting in enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Carl Van Vlaanderen

Federale Verzekering

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Game Changer

Since integrating Docbyte’s long-term archiving solution, we’ve managed to maintain our records in an organized, easily accessible manner. It’s truly a game changer.

Roger Lum

( Record Manager of Logistics Company )

Saved Millions

The Docbyte platform has helped us comply with existing regulations while saving us several million euros on infrastructure, information archiving, and migration costs.

Fritz Defloor

( CIO of AZ Alma Hospital )

A Real Game Changer!

Docbyte’s solution is constantly learning and adapting to our different communications thanks to machine learning. In time, this self-learning will also improve the accuracy of the classification. A real game changer!

Carl Van Vlaenderen

( Director at FEDERALE Insurance )

Good Cooperation!

We scouted the market and got in contact with Docbyte. We liked what they were proposing but, as always, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. We have engaged in a very close relationship over the last months. Such a journey is always hard and sometimes frustrating. But good cooperation and good discussions brought us where we are now with a fully working system.

Maarten-Pieter Remmen

( CEO of EDR )

Got Questions? We've Got Answers

Most popular questions

From Queries to Clarity: Docbyte’s Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions

We are specialized in the proper digital preservation, in line with international standards, of Digital Information and in applying Machine Learning techniques for automatically classifying that information.

Our solutions are based on the ISO 14721 and applicable ETSI standards. We create the proper evidences to guarantee authenticity.

Yes! We can help with streamlining document collection, anonymization of data, data verification and signature validation during onboarding processes.

We are ISO 27001 and eIDAS certified. We adhere to the most stringent secure standards.

With services like Automated Retention Management and Application Retirement, we ensure documents and data are stored, archived, or discarded according to best practices and regulations.

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