Simplify, digitize and automate document information processes.

Docbyte provides digital archiving, intelligent document processing,

and digital process automation for banks, insurance companies, and other knowledge worker organizations.

Evolve from a paper-based dinosaur to a modern company with digital flow.

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How much time, money and business reputation does it cost your company to work offline?

We've become a totally paperless company and process all information digitally and made it possible to work from anywhere.

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Are you still manually classifying and extracting incoming paper documents and emails?

Are your processes still not fully digital, automated and traced?

Do you still need physical storage space to store contracts to secure them from loss or damage?

Are you still requesting your customers to send information by e-mail or paper mail?

Your customers want exceptional support and easy mobile communication.

70% of your customers don't want paperwork and bureaucracy and expect exceptional and quick support. Your clients don’t want to wait for days to get a response.

Docbyte provides everything you need to:

Provide an exceptional customer experience. Your clients can send you documents in seconds with our app or on-the-go thanks to mobile capture .

Drastically shorten compliance processes by securely capturing and extracting data.

Provide a digital archive and customer portal so your agents and customers can find contracts and dossiers in a few seconds.

It is our vision to contribute significantly to the digital economy by implementing automated processes and interactions for knowledge organizations and their clients. We strongly believe that fully digital business interactions will make the world a better place.


Productivity Increase


Reduction in operation costs

> 90%

Automatic data extraction




Digitize your archives and customer correspondence, so you can process all the information in one place.

24/7 data capture and extraction with digital mailroom.

Send and request documents through a web or mobile app.

Automatically apply the right tags to improve the search process.

Ensure GDPR compliance and data privacy with anonymization.

Reduce archival costs and save time on search with a digital archive.

Speed up processes with digital process automation.

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