Digital Onboarding

We streamline your digital onboarding system with secure, swift, and seamless digital solutions tailored to meet your business needs.

Transform Your Digital Client Onboarding

Optimize your onboarding process with

our innovative digital onboarding solution

for a seamless and secure customer journey.

Effortless digital onboarding - quick,

easy, seamless.

Digital onboarding solution

Better Onboarding, Happier Customers!

Eliminate paper from the process, both externally and internally.

Preservation digital signature, preservation digital seals & all information.

Automate the onboarding process for customers as much as possible.

Reduce your operational costs by 60%.

Increase your sales by 200%.

Streamlining customer Onboarding in Three Steps

Capture and Verify

We collect and perform

document verification efficiently

and securely.        

Process and Screen

Automated workflow ensures

error-free document generation

and reliable screenings.        

Sign and Archive 


We finalize with signature

archiving, then archive the data,

completing a smooth onboarding


Key Benefits

We transform your customer data verification process into an intuitive, secure and efficient process with our advanced digital solution, significantly reducing manual checks, enhancing customer experience, and accelerating decision-making.

Fast Track Onboarding

With automatic document checks and data extraction, we're giving your customer onboarding the speed it needs.

Quality Customer Experience

We've created an easy-to-use, custom-branded portal to give your customers a welcoming and personalized experience.

Top-Notch Security

Our sturdy fraud prevention measures will reassure your customers that they're in safe hands.


We’re offering your customers the freedom to onboard from any device. It’s about being flexible for your customers' comfort.

Quick Decision-Making

Make informed decisions faster with our automated data extraction, simplifying your decision-making process.

Easy Integration

Our solution plays nice with your existing systems. It’s about enhancing your setup, not complicating it.

Key Features

Branded Upload Portal

Personalize your customer's journey with our upload portal, customized to match your corporate style. It allows file uploads and picture-taking, offering flexibility to your customers.

Automatic Document Verification

We streamline the onboarding process with automatic checks to data including digital signature verification to ensure the correct type of documents are received, reducing errors and speeding up the process.

Data Extraction and Rule Checks

With automatic data extraction and rule

application, you can accelerate decision-making and enhance data accuracy.

Fraud Prevention

Leverage advanced cross-checks between different documents like digital signature validation to enhance your fraud prevention measures.

Progressive Web App

Our platform is designed as a progressive web app, allowing sessions to be seamlessly transferred between mobile and desktop devices.

Streamline Your Lending and Onboarding Processes

At Docbyte, we focus on simplifying your customer onboarding and managing

lending processes through intelligent document processing. Our system caters to mortgages, leasing contracts, and more,

promising efficient operations.

Smooth Customer Journey

Our solution reduces customer acquisition time from days to hours, making the process swift and secure.

Versatile Onboarding

We cater to all scenarios: Point of Sales, Mobile Salesperson, and home processes. Choose between fully digital or semi-digital options as per your needs.

Easy Document Handling

Our Automated Document Collection makes document management effortless, simplifying requests and extraction of necessary data.

Process Tracking

Stay updated on all your ongoing and completed onboarding processes with our back-end system. Human intervention is made easy, especially for Risk Assessments or Compliance checks.

Digital Contract Signing

We auto-generate necessary documents and contracts for easy digital signing.

Efficient Lending Processes

Integrate our solution with various data sources to extract and analyze data, making the loan origination process more efficient.

Unified Onboarding and Application

We merge customer onboarding with loan applications to streamline the process and minimize customer touchpoints.

Trusted Solution

Our solution has been implemented in various scenarios including Mortgage Applications, Consumer Credit, Car Leasing, and eCommerce, proving its effectiveness.