Master Compliant Decommissioning with Docbyte's Application Retirement

Application Retirement

Seamless Access to Retired Application

Leverage the power of sunsetting and carve out strategies to simplify your IT landscape and ensure seamless access to retired application data.

Streamline your IT infrastructure through software retirement.

ERP carve-out, CRM Carve-out unnecessary systems and costs.

Retain seamless access to decommissioned application data.

Ensure regulatory compliance with our sunsetting strategies.

" With Docbyte's Application Retirement Solution, we effectively executed our carve out strategy, streamlined our IT systems modernization landscape while ensuring seamless access to retired application data."

Fritz Defloor, CIO of AZ Alma Hospital

Why Docbyte's Application Retirement and Decommissioning Solution Stands Out:

Our robust archiving documentum solution offers comprehensive benefits:

Simplified IT Landscape

Carve out complexity by retiring and decommissioning redundant or obsolete applications, while ensuring all critical data remains accessible and usable.

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reduce cost


Reduce maintenance costs associated with sunsetting outdated applications, and redirect resources to areas that drive business growth.

Data Accessibility

Even after application decommissioning, ensure seamless access to all data through our intuitive user interface, making it easy to find and retrieve the data you need when you need it.

regulatory compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Stay in compliance with all relevant regulations, thanks to our solution's comprehensive data management and digital archiving capabilities, perfect for any sunsetting strategy.

Long-Term Data Preservation

Our application retirement solution also provides long-term digital preservation. Safeguard your critical business data by storing it securely in a tamper-proof format that remains accessible and readable for years to come.

Why Choose Our Application Retirement Solution?

Effectively sunset and decommission applications to streamline your IT infrastructure

Carve out unnecessary costs with our application retirement strategies

Ensure IT Systems migration & seamless access to all retired application data

Stay in compliance with all relevant regulations during the application decommissioning process

Preserve your essential data long-term with our digital archiving capabilities