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Electronic Archiving

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Effortlessly comply with key regulations like eIDAS, GDPR and MiFID II.

Improve accessibility and retrieval of legal documents.

Enhance data security.

Preserve all types of information for years to come.

"The Docbyte platform has helped us comply with existing regulations, while saving us several million euros on infrastructure, information archiving and migration costs.”

Fritz Defloor, CIO of AZ Alma Hospital

How Our Electronic Archiving Solution Benefits Your Business

While being able to reduce the total cost of your IT infrastructure, thanks to Application Retirement, Electronic Archiving also offers the following benefits.

Comply with Existing Regulations

Our solution is built with ISO 14721, GDPR and eIDAS in mind. It is the first digital archiving solution to comply with the Digital Act and to offer a solution for Electronic Archiving in Europe.

Our solution aids in compliance with various national and international regulations crucial for legal document archiving: MiFID II, EMA, FDA, GDPR, eIDAS, etc. E.g. In several verticals, all types of customer communication need to be properly archived.

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Improve Information Access

Our solution facilitates access to legal documents archived in legacy or internal systems for purposes of:

- Giving your employees or customers access to the information.

- Modernization of your IT infrastructure

Enhance Data Security

Safeguard your vital records (contracts, financial data, etc.) by storing them as a secure copy off-site. This approach ensures that your legal archives are tamper-proof and their authenticity is guaranteed, maintaining the legal validity of digitally signed documents.

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Preserve All Types of Information

Our solution has all necessary preservation action  guaranteeing long-term accessibility and proven authenticity of legal documents, including digitally signed legal records.

Why Go For Electronic Archiving?

Future -proof your organisation image

Future -proof

your organisation

Reducing the risk of storing information image

Reducing the risk of storing

information on-site

regulatory requirements image

Comply with

regulatory requirements

Possible cost reductions image docbyte

Possible cost


Retention Management image


Retention Management


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Sharepoint Preservation

Our SharePoint solution ensures secure, compliant archiving and digital preservation. It automates archiving, manages metadata, and offers advanced search, ensuring long-term access and integrity of your digital assets within a familiar environment.

Automated Retention Management

Automatically applying the correct retention period to archived documents reduces manual intervention. This facilitates compliance and document management.

Intelligent Document Processing

Our solution automates processing contracts, reports, agreements, and other vital documents, reducing employee burnout and minimising errors. Say goodbye to manual document handling and ensure your team stays motivated and accurate.

Format conversion

Enabling seamless transformation of incoming documents to meet your business standards. Whether a document arrives in JPG, PDF, or any other format, it is automatically converted to the specified format required by your organisation, ensuring uniformity and efficiency in document management.

Catalog Integration

Our solution integrates with systems for collection management, maintaining a synchronised view of your archival objects. This ensures that all archival data remains up-to-date and easily accessible, providing a cohesive and organised overview of your stored information.

Secure Cloud Solution

Our document processing system ensures all data is securely stored in the cloud, providing easy accessibility while maintaining top-notch security protocols. This approach facilitates seamless access to documents from anywhere and protects sensitive information against unauthorised access or data loss.

Easy Access and Dissemination

Our solution facilitates the external sharing of information through streamlined dissemination processes. Additionally, it features an easy-to-use access UI, ensuring that users can effortlessly retrieve and share data as needed.

Extensible Plug-In Framework

Integrate the platform via APIs in your existing environment and add a layer of trust to your solutions.

What Differentiate Us

The World’s First Qualified Electronic Archiving solution

Automated Information Classification and Retention Management

Legal Certainty and Evidence Management

Easily complement your solutions

Broad range of use cases

We maintain the solution

Use Cases

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Healthcare, Patient Archive

Docbyte revolutionises the healthcare industry by offering a singular and comprehensive viewpoint of every patient’s history, seamlessly integrating with diverse healthcare systems and sources.

HR Records Retention

Human Resources

HR documents require meticulous handling, including contracts, identity cards, payslips, and more. Our solution facilitates the legal preservation of documents and ensures the preservation of digital signatures for extended periods.

Archiving of Financial Results And Annual Reports image

Financial documents

Streamline and implement efficiency in your workflow. Use AI to collect and organise financial documents. All following KYC, AML, MiFID II, Digital Act, eIDAS, and other regulations.

Let us show you

how Docbyte can help

Take care of systems that aren’t part of your core activities, but that you need to process and preserve vital information.

Deliver an agile digital vault for compliant access to information by team members and customers.

Drastically shorten compliance processes by extracting data, validating data and digital signatures.

Trusted by Global Businesses Across all ndustries

Request a short session with one of our digital archiving specialists and find out which solution works best for you.