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Measure Your IDP ROI with the Docbyte IDP Calculator

In the blink of an eye, get an overview of the time and money saved with Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solutions. Use the Docbyte IDP ROI Calculator to see your numbers.

Intelligent Document Processing ROI Calculator

Average Number of Documents Processed Daily
Number Of Employees Processing Documents
Which Type of Document Format Do You Process?
Time Required To Process One Document (minutes)
Number of Documents Per Employee In a Day
Average Hourly Wage Costs Per Employee

€ per hour

Daily Costs of Manual Document Processing
Monthly Costs of Manual Document Processing

Results With Document Automation

Time Saved (per day) With IDP
Employee Hours
Time Saved (per month) With IDP
Employee Hours

IDP used to be an advantage;

now, it is a necessity

Manually processing incoming documents is a time - and money-killer within your organization. Get a proven, AI-powered IDP solution from Docbyte to relieve your employees of repetitive tasks, prevent fraud, and increase operational efficiency and productivity by at least 60%.

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IDP tools for faster and smoother processing of incoming documents.

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Smooth sorting and processing of inbound documents.

Document Collection & verification

Streamlining and automating your customer communication.

Digital Onboarding

Accelerating customer

acquisition while keeping it 100% secure

e-mail handling

Automating extraction from and classification and forwarding of e-mails.

Document Classification

Letting ML-based capabilities extract data from all types of documents.


Docbyte's IDP solution works for a variety of industries. Choose yours

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Here are the 3 most occurring questions about IDP


1.Will I have to fire employees after applying Docbyte’s IDP solution?  

No. You will enable your employees to work on meaningful tasks instead of manual data extraction, such as creating sales opportunities and/or improving customer support.


2.Do I need an external solution if I have an internal IT department?

Your IT team can dedicate its time and effort to more core business-related tasks instead of developing IDP tools—simply use ours; it is proven and adjustable.


3.How long does it take to implement Docbyte’s IDP tool?

The implementation timeline is individual and highly dependent on the pre- preparation phase, which we will help you with.