Trust Services and APIs

Solidifying Digital Trust with Trust Services and APIs

In the Digital World, Trust is crucial. We can help you with providing services and/or APIs that you can use to complement your IT Landscape or to complement your solution.

Trust Services and APIs

We have the following Trust Services in our toolbox

Signature and Seal Validation

Acknowledge the authenticity and integrity of digital signatures. With strict compliance with eIDAS regulations, you can also use this service to extract the data from digital signatures and seals.

Signature & Seal Preservation

The Signature & Seal Preservation service ensures that these digital identifiers and “contracts” are preserved with the utmost care, maintaining their validity and legal value through the sands of time.

Evidence Management

We can help you with the Evidence Creation and Management, so you can demonstrate at what time a transaction took place and what the specifics of the document or transaction were. We can also maintain these evidence records for you, as these also need to be updated over time.

Vault API

The Vault API is the bridge that connects the Agile Digital Vault to your existing systems and applications.It’s a gatewayto facilitate the seamless integration of the Agile Digital Vault into your digital landscape.

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