Effective Digital Onboarding solutions improve the overall Customer and Work Experience

  • Eliminate paper from the process, both externally and internally
  • Securely store all information
  • Automate the process as much as possible
  • Reduce your operational costs by 60%
  • Increase your sales by 200%

Digital Onboarding

Speed up your onboarding process

while keeping it 100% secure:

Multi-channel onboarding

We support all complex and simple onboarding scenario's: Point of Sales, Mobile Salesperson and @Home.

The process can be fully digital or semi-digital on mobile devices and workstations.

Automate collecting documents

Easily request the proper customer documents and extract the data where needed with Automated Document Collection.

Back-end to follow onboarding processes

You can follow-up on all running and completed on-boarding processes. Where needed, a human (e.g. for Risk Assessments or Compliance) can intervene in the process.

Get your contracts signed digitally

Our solution can automatically generate the needed documents and contracts and we can implement the signing request with the signing solution that you require.

Request a short technical session with one of our digital process automation and find out which solution works best for you.

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