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Hi! We are Docbyte! About Us

Since 2006 we've been increasing the satisfaction of customers and employees worldwide by digitizing and automating customer communication and regulatory client interaction processes. No matter where you reside, we can provide a solution that matches your needs.

Spending years in the business—and helping some of the biggest industry players to digitize their operations—has learned us a lot. Therefore, we have created our very own step-by-step process, leading to a simple, smooth, and secure digitization.

Frederik Rosseel

Why do you need to consider digitizing your paper-based operations?

People are generally frustrated by paperwork. And that counts both for your customers and team members.

Staff will appreciate

  • Reducing time spent on scanning, indexing, and data input
  • Elimination of archiving and searching for customers files and documents
  • Ability to handle customer demands faster than ever

Customers will appreciate

  • Saving their time—faster responses and no unnecessary communication
  • Eliminating paper documents —people no longer want to receive paper forms
  • Your corporate image —most people consider physical documents a sign of an outdated business