Supply Chain Traceability Based

On Intelligent Technologies

Our traceability solution enables you to follow the

sustainability regulations by getting information

along the complete supply chain.

How do you reduce your employees’ time spent on getting proper data from your downstream suppliers?


The answer is Automation. Our AI-based solution captures and extracts all the data at the source and links it with other relevant data while providing proof via full audit trails and timestamping technologies

Challenges you face and how our

solution responds to them

New regulations (such as France’s AGEC- Anti-Gaspillage et Economie Circulaire) impose that you must be able to demonstrate the origin of the raw materials of your goods and provide the procurement data together with the proper certificates.

We combine our award-winning revolutionary technologies for

Legal Archiving and Intelligent Document processing.

This brings up the following challenges:

  • Getting the proper data from your downstream suppliers
  • Avoiding raw materials from inappropriate sources
  • Getting data from your downstream suppliers while they only have paper
  • Certifying the time of data reception and the authenticity of the information
  • Avoiding overloading your people with data gathering, extraction, and law-studying

supply chain visibility gif

With the solution from Docbyte,

you will gain the following:

  1. Easy document integration, thanks to our Document Collection
  2. Support for 1+ Billion objects in the QeA
  3. Super fast document store
  4. Secure environment
  5. Fast implementation and deployment
  6. Real-time processing of data

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