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Medical File Archiving

Archiving in Healthcare with Docbyte

Unifying Patient Records for a Comprehensive 360° View

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Optimized Healthcare through Agile, Sustainable, and Resilient Archiving

Docbyte revolutionizes the healthcare industry by offering a singular and comprehensive viewpoint of every patient’s history. Seamlessly integrating with diverse healthcare systems and sources, the EPA ensures every healthcare professional can access crucial patient data whenever and wherever needed.

Patient Care

Introducing Docbyte - A Comprehensive Solution for Holistic Patient Care

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Capture Medical Records

Seamlessly combine patient records, irrespective of the source - be it monitoring devices, DICOM/non-DICOM repositories, EHR systems, or web forms.

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Unified Access to Patient Data

Integrate with diverse clinical systems, eliminating redundant tasks like printing or scanning, thereby accelerating care decisions.

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Advanced Classification & Extraction

Utilize the power of automation to classify and index documents with unprecedented accuracy and speed, ensuring immediate access within the archive.

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Cost Efficiency & Staff Empowerment

Experience a paradigm shift in operational efficiency while concurrently empowering healthcare staff.

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Compliance & Auditing

Enjoy peace of mind with rigorous audit trails and compliant retention, ensuring the ethical and regulated use of all patient records.

Harnessing the Value of Qualified Electronic Archiving


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Efficiency & Accessibility

Streamline the healthcare process with immediate access to archived documents. No more delays – be it regular check-ups, urgent care, or audits.

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Our EPA promotes system flexibility, ensuring uninterrupted functioning even when integrating new technologies or overcoming challenges posed by older systems.

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Legal Compliance & Admissibility

Swiftly produce documents that comply with legal standards, ensuring fluidity in verifications and legal procedures.

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Environmental Impact

Embrace the future with digital archiving. Lower your carbon footprint and eradicate the need for vast physical storage spaces.

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Cost Efficiency

Experience long-term financial savings by eliminating expenses tied to physical record maintenance and migrations.

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Long-Term Preservation

Trust in the principles of ISO 14721, safeguarding your data's authenticity and accessibility irrespective of technological evolutions.



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Data Integrity & Trust

Be confident in the resilience of your data. Our EPA protects against threats like cyberattacks, data degradation, and unauthorized tampering.

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Risk Mitigation

Maintain business continuity even in crisis. Our robust framework ensures invaluable patient records remain safe and intact.

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Evidence Generation

Produce reliable and verifiable records as and when needed, reinforcing your legal and compliance positions.

Experience Healthcare's Future Today with Docbyte

In a world that’s increasingly digital, ensure your healthcare organization remains at the forefront. With Docbyte, provide unmatched patient care, ensuring every decision is well-informed, timely, and beneficial.

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