Long-term Preservation of

Digital Signatures and Seals

Proving data integrity and authenticity by

properly archiving digital seals and signatures.

  • Extend the validity period of the (Qualified) Electronic Signature (QeS) beyond the validity period of the certificate.
  • Improve the Security of your documents and processes by using Public-Key cryptography, Certificate Authority validation, and Trust Service provider validation.
  • Align to global business trendsvsince more and more businesses are switching to working with digital signatures.
  • Follow the current EU legal framework (eIDAS) related to Digital Certifications, Signatures, and Seals.
Preservation of Digital Signature

Anyone who has signed documents with a Legal

Retention Period, or any signed document or contract that needs to be preserved

for more than a year, or involves high risk, should be aware that Digital

Signatures always expire unless they are properly preserved.

Why Our Solution?

Our solution complies with ETSI TS 119.511 and offers everything you need to make sure your Electronic Signatures are properly preserved:

●     Signature & Seal Validation

●     Evidence Record Creation

●     Evidence Augmentation

●     Timestamping

Our Solution Is:

●     Modular

●     Full API based

●     Cloud-based

●     Extensible: Can be extended for other archiving and preservation scenarios.


With suitable preservation mechanisms, you

will be able to provide authenticity, integrity, and, therefore, proof for all

the preserved records. Furthermore, our solution aligns with the most common

and proven standards: ETSI TS 119.511 and eIDAS Regulation.

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