OAIS compliant archive

Why you need an AIP to have an OAIS compliant archive

April 13, 2018

On the information management market, there are solutions that extract documents from an ECM, EIM or ERP system and store them in archiving databases. To fulfill the goal of value preservation, all archiving solutions need to document the lifecycle of the document and collect contextual information. What most of these solutions lack, is the creation of an Archival Information Package (AIP) that is the core of an OAIS compliant solution. An AIP is the digital object that gathers all this information and enables the long-term preservation of it.

How can you comply?

Docbyte’s digital archiving solution, includes an OAIS Primer that enables you to create OAIS compliant AIP’s and therefore to be compliant with regulation such as the Belgian Digital Act.

The benefits of this digital archiving solution are the following:

  • Ensure authenticity through metadata extraction and validation
  • Ensure integrity through fixity checks and timestamping
  • Ensure readability through format identification and conversion

All the metadata that is extracted or generated in this process will be gathered into an XML file that follows a state-of-the-art standard in metadata management such as METS & PREMIS.

The OAIS Primer will also allow you to ensure the preservation planning since it will give you an overview of the formats that are present in your archive. On a regular basis you can monitor the file formats in your archive, document them and decide to convert them to a new file format.


A digital archiving solution can’t miss the creation and management of an AIP as it is mandatory to legally preserve documents regarding to Belgian law.

Interested to know more? Send us a message via hello@docbyte.com and we’ll sit together to see how we can help you reach this goal.

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