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Digital archiving strategy

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A digital archiving strategy is used to store, organize, manage, protect, and share a company’s digital documents, with rules defined by the business itself.

It is an essential alternative to keep all digitized data in order, available, and accessible according to to access control specifications.

This service has become indispensable nowadays, because of the sheer volume of digital documents, data, images, etc.

To take advantage of all the benefits of this service, it is essential to implement some specific best practices that require special attention.

With that in mind, we have created a list with the main points of attention to take care of your digital archive in the most practical and efficient way possible. Check out!

Why rely on a digital archive in your business?


The continuous updates of IT systems and the continuous adoption of new technology are points that motivate the use of such a service.

However, having an archive is even more interesting thanks to the benefits obtained. Here’s why it’s worth resorting to this type of system!

How to improve your Digital Archiving Strategy in 3 Steps?


  1. Use your archiving solution for as many purposes as possible

A good archiving solution can be used for several use cases, and not just for archiving documents. Instead of being a cost, e.g. purely for compliance reasons, it will allow you to have a positive ROI and help you realize perpetual cost savings.

A good archiving solution can be used for:

  • Archiving customer correspondence (e.g. MiFID II compliance)
  • Archiving documents for compliance reasons, e.g. managing retention periods
  • Decommissioning or retiring applications of which you need to keep the documents and data for compliance reasons (and offering a view on that information)
  • Long-Term preservation of signatures and seals


 2. Invest in a cloud solution

Your archiving solution will in many cases be used for safeguarding your company’s vital records, (and if you aren’t doing it, you should be thinking of at least having a copy of your vital records in the archiving solution).

Consequently, it’s not a good idea to have that solution in the same location or data center as your operational systems. 

In case of a calamity, your company’s vital records will be safe if they are stored in a cloud archiving solution.

Also, the security of cloud providers outranks the security that most companies can implement.

  1. Keep your solution “in shape”

Your archiving solution should evolve with the needs of your user group, i.e. the data should be exposed via the proper channels and displayed in line with the requirements of your users.


Bonus Tip: Use a Trusted Digital Archiving Solution

Docbyte is an ideal solution for your business to have a robust and fully protected digital archive.

The various modules cover everything from the need for digitization, ingest, classification, preservation, signatures validation, etc. to the performance of audits. As a result, this is an efficient, safe, and highly strategic archiving solution.


In today’s business environment, digital is everywhere; digital communication through email or (enterprise) social networks is increasing, financial solutions are more and more digitized, and medical patient files are digitized and accessible to all professionals and patients.

This results in an increasing amount of digital information and documents that need to be managed.

To manage these new corporate assets, companies usually rely on document management and EIM systems, or other platforms.

However, the legal value of the information is still at risk and enforces companies to keep the paper burden.

Discover the key principles and opportunities of eIDAS and read about the qualified archiving requirements in the free whitepaper below:

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