Manage and archive your Customer Communication in an effective way.

  • Centralised storage and for all your incoming and outgoing customer communication
  • Dispatch incoming communication to the right people or systems
  • Request missing information from your customers via the right channel
  • Easy integration with other systems
  • Reduce operational cost
  • Extend with qualified archiving
  • Enable Remote Work
  • Improve quality of service

Correspondence menagement

Effective Case management solution that frees up your staff’s time

  • Make your processes and cases completely digital and make it possible to work remotely.
  • Reduce your cost of operations by 30%
  • Intelligent combination of Process Automation and Information Management
  • Integrate with your existing Line of Business-applications to create a 360° Customer View.
  • Fast implementation thanks to proven solution with modular building blocks.

case management

The most critical element of claims and contract management is time:

  • Accelerate your claims and contract management process
  • Reduce the cost of operations with more than 30%
  • Get all information at you fingertips, digitally: Customer correspondence, contracts, claim and contract information.
  • Launch requests and tasks with the click of a button: Expert advice, requests for information.
  • Eliminate paper from the process
  • Request customers directly from the system for additional information
  • Have a view on running contract or claims processes

Correspondence management

for knowledge workers

Why should you implement a

Correspondence Management System?

Remote Work

When all information is available digitally to your teams, including incoming paper mail and e-mail, this makes it possible for them to work remotely in a smooth and flexible way.

Enhance Customer Experience

Customers can be notified automatically when a communication has been effectively received, thus avoiding unnecessary touch-points. Also, customers can receive requests for additional information digitally or can access the information via a customer portal

Reduce Operational Costs
  • Reduce time for requesting customer documents
  • Eliminate internal paper mail and e-mail
  • Link and store correspondence directly to the customer file
  • Automate notifications
Improve Compliance

Make sure no information gets lost and store the versions that you received from or were sent to the customer in an unalterable way.

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