Manage and archive your Customer Communication in an effective way.

  • Centralised storage and for all your incoming and outgoing customer communication
  • Dispatch incoming communication to the right people or systems
  • Request missing information from your customers via the right channel
  • Easy integration with other systems
  • Reduce operational cost
  • Extend with qualified archiving
  • Enable Remote Work
  • Improve quality of service

Correspondence Management

Correspondence management

for knowledge workers

Why should you implement a

Correspondence Management System?

Remote Work

When all information is available digitally to your teams, including incoming paper mail and e-mail, this makes it possible for them to work remotely in a smooth and flexible way.

Enhance Customer Experience

Customers can be notified automatically when a communication has been effectively received, thus avoiding unnecessary touch-points. Also, customers can receive requests for additional information digitally or can access the information via a customer portal

Reduce Operational Costs
  • Reduce time for requesting customer documents
  • Eliminate internal paper mail and e-mail
  • Link and store correspondence directly to the customer file
  • Automate notifications
Improve Compliance

Make sure no information gets lost and store the versions that you received from or were sent to the customer in an unalterable way.

Let us show how you can do this.

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  • Expert support & consulting on digitizing your processes