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Health Care Industry:

Vital Patient Information at

Hand at All Times

Provide a better quality of care by keeping your

essential patient data secure and accessible no matter

the healthcare software platform you are using.

The expected lifespan of a patient is, by logic, much longer than the lifespan of a

standard information system or an Electronic Patient Record. Therefore, to be able

to access and consult this data, now and in the distant future, while meeting legal

and security requirements, you’ll need a proven solution for long-term preservation.

When and How Does an Archiving Solution Help Your Healthcare Organization?

Switching to a New Application or IT- Environment

With our Vendor Neutral Archive, based on our Docbyte platform, you can effortlessly and securely retire those applications and switch to a more suitable or modern system without being afraid of losing essential patient information.

Not only do we ​​extract the data from obsolete systems, but we also preserve all information in a secure and centralized repository. Avoid vendor lock-in and reduce the cost of migrations considerably, as you have a real-time backup of your live systems. As the volume that needs to be migrated is reduced, migrations to new systems become less costly and less of a burden.

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See how we helped AZ Alma hospital, a 500+ beds facility, to

save money by implementing our application retirement tool

while improving their quality of care.

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Long-term preservation of Electronic Health Records (EHR) 

Every IT expert in the healthcare industry has come across the issue of long-term archiving of patient's sensitive documents. Our archiving solution is fully compliant and up to date with the directives regarding secure storage and long-tern accessibility of patient's data.

Let our solution help you to get a 360° patient view while meeting

legal requirements concerning retention periods and compliance.

With our solutions, you will neither lose a single byte of information

when switching to a newer system, software, or application.

General Benefits of AI-based Technologies For Your Healthcare Operations


Discipline, patient, or information type. Our Intelligent Document Processing tool can structure information automatically—classify the incoming information and extract the proper data. Our solution not only integrates different document flows but can also integrate and visualize HL7 messages and results.

Plus, the metadata and information are stored according to the XDS standards or local standards, which makes it easier to integrate the solution into your existing systems and share information with others.

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Simplify, Digitize and Automate Document Information Processes.