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Insurance Industry: Corporate business

The long-term archiving strategy is vital for

corporate businesses. See how you can properly and painlessly

archive and access your brand heritage.

Every corporation has its heritage. Whether paper, digitized or

digital-born evidence, all are an important part of the firm's

character. From financial results and annual reports to brand

items, it is essential to preserve these data properly. Especially

when moving to more suitable systems or tools.

We will give you tools to preserve your brand heritage properly.

Long-Term Preservation of Digital and Digital-Born Corporate Documents

Just imagine the piles of corporate data you have created in the last few years—thousands of pictures, presentations, or all of the company's social media communication. When building your brand heritage, you want to ensure the evidentiary value and easy accessibility of all your corporate digital content. To do so, you must securely preserve it. That is when our Long-term archiving tool comes in handy.

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Archiving of Financial Results And Annual Reports image

Archiving of Financial Results And Annual Reports

Finance-related reports and records must be preserved in compliance with local laws and global regulations. With our Qualified electronic archiving tool, not only can you preserve your financial results announcements, management presentations, and other supporting information but also validate and preserve related eSignatures and eSeals (QES).

From Legacy to New Applications Without Losing Data

Lots of data accumulated in corporations across time is hidden within the applications that are no longer suitable for your business. These legacy applications, systems, and tools must be archived, but the information they contain can not get lost. You can think of migrating your documents, but that is usually a costly, time-consuming solution. Therefore, we offer you the Application Retirement tool—all information you need to keep preserved will be stored in a centralized and easy-to-integrate archive.

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