The most critical element of claims and contract management is time:

  • Accelerate your claims and contract management process
  • Reduce the cost of operations with more than 30%
  • Get all information at you fingertips, digitally: Customer correspondence, contracts, claim and contract information.
  • Launch requests and tasks with the click of a button: Expert advice, requests for information.
  • Eliminate paper from the process
  • Request customers directly from the system for additional information
  • Have a view on running contract or claims processes
Claims and Contract management

Free up time for your team members to work on more meaningful tasks.

Eliminate repetitive tasks

Eliminate the need for:

  • Archiving of physical or digital documents
  • Searching for information in different systems
  • Data Entry
  • Manually forwarding information or Requesting Additional informaiton
360° Customer View

Centralise all customer information:

  • Incoming and outgoing communication
  • Contracts and contract information
  • Past and current claims
  • Relationships to other customers or parties
Digital Process Automation

Our case Digital Process Automation solution combines Information Management with Business Process Management, allowing for process automation. Don’t get bogged down by repetitive administration and let our intelligent solution free up time for what matters.

Compliant Archive

Normally, all incoming and outgoing correspondence should be archived in an unalterable way.

Our certified archiving solution allows you to demonstrate the legal validity of all information stored.

More information about this can be found elsewhere on our site.

Easy Integration

Via APIs our solution can be easily integrated with a variety of other systems.

Request a short technical session with one of our digital process automation and find out which solution works best for you.

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