Digital Archiving

Digital Archiving

Qualified Preservation of Digital Signatures

This text is dedicated to Chief Technical Officers, digital archives managers, and IT operations managers in commercial businesses, financial and law institutions, and government organizations responsible for digital heritage preservation.

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Digital Maturity
Digital Archiving

What is your Digital Maturity?

What is your digital transformation status?   Has the Covid-crisis really brought us on the verge of a true digital transformation in operations? Not yet. There are still a lot

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DMS geen Digitaal Archief
Digital Archiving

Waarom een DMS geen Digitaal Archief is

Documentbeheer Doelstellingen documentbeheer: Ter beschikking stellen van de juiste informatie, onder de vorm van documenten, aan de juiste personen op een digitale manier.Ondersteuning van de processen voor: creatie, productie, distributie

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