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The Rise of Docbyte

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A couple of years ago, we were thinking about a way to explain some of the things we do that even our moms would understand. As a natural born geek, I came up with the idea of a comic.

The main advantage would be that people receiving the comic would not throw it as easily away as a brochure and that the image and story would stick. One of the big drawbacks is that ever since at conferences people have come to our booth just to get the comic: “Oh wow, what a great idea! What a great effort!” So now, for a lot of people, we are “the guys from the comic”, without actually knowing what we really do. That’s why I want to make things clear: We digitize and automate regulated customer interaction processes!

At the time, the comic was printed on paper and distributed in our network. As that doesn’t seem like a good idea right now, we are sharing the comic digitally.

You can navigate the comic, using the controls at the bottom of the PDF/Image.

If you’d like a paper copy mailed to you, just leave your details using the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll try to ship you a copy as soon as possible (which, unfortunately, won’t be soon).

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