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Quality Manager

Your benefits

  • Easy management and retrieval of policies and procedures is assured
  • Mapping the compliance requirements to application functions
  • Policy management workflows are automated and streamlined
  • Extensive exceptions handling and issue tracking
  • 360° Audit trail
  • Data security and role-based access and user capabilities
  • One-click document merge for creating Quality Manuals or Submission Files.
  • Status of quality management can be viewed in real-time through powerful executive dashboards with drill-down capabilities
  • Transform all files to the same format with DocShifter.
  • Create FDA-, ICH- and ISO-compliant quality documents.

Your Challenges

  • You are faced with policy and procedure (SOP) documents or other types of documents that need to comply with regulatory requirements.
  • You have difficulties managing, storing and easily retrieving the right information at the right time.
  • You are still managing these documents manually or paper-based?
  • You are possibly facing security issues.
  • You are not sure whether users are always using the correct version of a document
  • You are facing additional compliance requirements that will make it even harder managing these documents. 

Our Solution:Quality Manager

Automate the process of managing controlled documents with Docbyte’s Quality Manager. Your people take care of the content, while Quality Manager takes care of the workflows, revision cycles, document security, rendition- and version management. Quality Manager supports your compliance officer and takes the repetitive headaches away.


  • Submission Management (Life Sciences)
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Laboratory Procedures
  • Nursing Procedures
  • Test Procedures
  • ISO 9001 Quality Documents
  • (Material) Safety Data Sheets – Technical Data Sheets


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