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Electronic Patient Archive

Your benefits

  • Get instant access to complete patient records and share among other clinical staff with version control
  • Guarantee the integrity of the information by ensuring access to complete files with no missing documents
  • Limit access to individual documents or the record as a whole
  • Include images, audio and video in the records
  • Capture information from forms
  • Reliably destroy records and documents when needed 
  • Integrate with other systems using built-in features such as XDS

Your Challenges

  • You have outdated and inefficient record systems
  • You spend too much time to locate records
  • Security is a constant challenge
  • Costly migration to a new and more performing system
  • Information on paper is not well structured
  • Paper and digital patient records need to be integrated

Our Solution:Electronic Patient Archive

  • Guaranteed application independent access during the patients life cycle.
  • Combining advanced archive platform with sector-specific layers
  • Platform and browser independent to ensure an effortless integration with existing systems
  • Intuitive organization of all types of patient information 
  • Manages security
  • Ensures user-friendly retrieval by clinical and nursing staff and the hospital team.

Our Approach: a modular future proof concept

Based on an analysis of your patient record needs and requirements Docbyte proposes a future proof process with the right level of archiving that responds to your capabilities. The key differentiator in the Docbyte approach is that we offer reliable, transparant and scalable solutions based on your needs. 


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