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Digital Onboarding

Your benefits

  • Shorter and faster customer onboarding process
  • Quick growth
  • Increase in revenue
  • Differentiate with a user-friendly solution
  • The level of satisfaction of the end consumer rises
  • More efficient processes
  • Workflow rules will eliminate errors
  • Paperless processes
  • Go paperless all the way
  • Auditable and traceable processes
  • Reach younger borrowers
  • Increase your compliance with the GDPR and eIDAS regulations

Your Challenges

  • Slow customer onboarding process
  • Heavy technological footprint
  • Old technologies
  • Heavy maintenance
  • Need to go mobile
  • Errors due to manual handling
  • Too much paper in processes
  • Insufficient integration with back office applications
  • Privacy by design: have to comply to strict compliance regulations (GDPR/eIDAS)
  • Compliant storage of data and documents

Our Solution:Digital Onboarding

With the implementation of mobile and real time scanning technology, called the Sorrento app, we are able to make the onboarding process of your clients shorter, easier and faster by reducing this to just a few minutes, what will finally result in an increase in revenue. Watch a free webinar recording about Sorrento via this link.

The information that is needed to compose a digital loan agreement, is captured through a mobile device in the point-of-sales by using automatic extraction. The necessary information like the data of the buyer and the property that should be financed, will be extracted and stored, and will automatically generate a digital agreement.

This agreement will be presented to the back office where they will calculate the credit score. This will result in an automated decision that will approve or disapprove of the loan. This on the other hand, will create a digital credit proposal that will be send to your customer for approval.

Our Approach

We integrate our onboarding solution flawlessly with your existing information-technology and ensure a seamless integration with existing solutions for case management and others. By using the newest technologies, we are an accelerator in creating onboarding solutions for finance and insurance, more in particular consumer finance, leasing, equipment finance and enrollment. As we have years of experience and successfully fulfilled previous projects around digital onboarding, we own the right and proven skillset to complete your project to your greatest satisfaction.  


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