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Digital Mailroom

Your benefits

  • One process flow for paper and electronic mail
  • Faster response times to customer requests
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduced decision cycle times
  • Streamlined information circulation
  • Reduced paper costs
  • Ensured data tracking

Your Challenges

  • To assure all incoming mail documents are completely processed
  • To optimize efficiency
  • To improve customer experience

Our Solution:Digital Mailroom

By digitizing the incoming mail process and indexing the documents on the fly, you  will:

  • avoid manual distribution and physical movement of paper;
  • gain control of your mail processes internally;
  • have the opportunity to combine paper and electronic mail formats  in the same document processing flow.

Standardizing  your internal  paper and electronic mail -distribution process will improve your efficiency  and better serve your customer.

Our approach: a modular, future proof concept

Based on analysis of your mailroom requirements Docbyte proposes a future process with the right level of automation that responds to your company capabilities. The key differentiator in the Docbyte approach is that we offer reliable, transparent and scalable solutions based on your needs (supplier independent).

Docbyte assures that the solution can be applied across multiple locations to aggregate information received throughout your organization, thus implementing a consistent and reliable methodology for circulating business-critical documents.


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