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Case Manager

Your benefits

  • Improved process management
  • Meaningful, organized Information
  • Improved and efficient case management
  • Easy access to all related information and hence better decision making
  • Implementation time measured in weeks thanks to Docbyte Case Manager prebuilt solution
  • An agile approach, close to your end users, facilitates quick adoption and rapid return on Investment

Your Challenges

  • Your processes are often still running on an outdated paper based flow
  • You lack visibility on the status of each case: Who’s working on it? In what stage is it in? Are we waiting for feedback from the customer? And so on and on.
  • You lack the tools to measure the impact of changing parameters: For example,  how many case workers do we need to add to face a peak in incoming claims due to a natural disaster? How does the automation of this or that step in the process influence closing times and workload?
  • Employees spend a lot of time finding the right information or the right people to make the right decision in a case.
  • Starting and managing cases is tedious with non-streamlined automated processes 

Our Solution:Case Manager

  • Intelligently combines business process management and IM solutions
  • Integrates case management workflows with external systems (ERP, CRM, data stores, etc.)
  • Packages case management configurations and customizations on top of Documentum into an easy to deploy and adaptable product
  • Provides a quick start for any case management implementation
  • Is intuitive and easy-to-use
  • Has an adpatable layout and reusable functionality

Our approach: a modular future-proof concept

Based on an analysis of your case-related information requirements, Docbyte proposes a future-proof process with the right level of automation that meets your needs and capabilities. The key differentiator in our approach is that we provide reliable, transparent and scalable solutions based on your needs. You get a fast start with a prebuilt case-manager solution.


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