It is possible to avoid mind-numbing and costly processes while document collection from your customers.

  • Reduce the cost and repetitive tasks of asking your customers do return a form or to send a copy of a document.
  • Send your customer directly from the back-office a request to upload a document, take a picture of a document or scan a document collection.
  • Directly connect the documents to the customer case with optionally the data is extracted automatically and validated.
  • Automate those requests wherever updates of documents are periodically required
Document collection

 As your needs are unique, our Document Collection solution is totally configurable

Receive, sort, and process all your

customer documents much smoother:

Securely automate document collection

The customer receives a text message or email via which he is kindly asked to take a picture of a document or to provide a copy of the necessary document. These documents are automatically verified and where necessary the data gets extracted and sent back to your systems. This process can be easily triggered from your existing backoffice application.

ML/AI capabilities

Automate document classification and data extraction out of the uploaded documents.

Depending on the document types and the processed volumes, ML/AI will allow to reach process automation results over 95%.

Customizable user oriented solutions

If your business needs are outside of the traditional scope of our configured solutions, it is possible to opt for a non-traditional procedure and to build a bespoke special system.

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