Digital Archive

Time to go legally paperless: Start your digital archiving strategy here [Whitepaper]

In today's business environment, digital is everywhere; digital…
Digital Archive

How does your organization respond to the digital archiving opportunities?

Since 2016, Belgium has defined a new legal framework for digital…
Digital Onboarding

9 steps to successful Digital Customer Onboarding [Whitepaper]

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Paper onboarding

Digital customer onboarding, are we there yet?

Consumers love e-commerce. Its exponential growth is proof that…
Compliant Archive

Why you need an AIP to have an OAIS compliant archive

On the information management market, there are solutions that…
DataNews Awards

Docbyte is nominated for 5 Datanews Awards for Excellence

The Data News Awards for Excellence is a yearly event put on…
Digital Mailroom

Why your organization should have a Digital Mailroom [Whitepaper]

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GDPR: 10 things you need to know

1. What is considered Personally Identifiable Information PII,…
Digital Transformation

5 ways digital transformation impacts the industry

The role of digital technology is rapidly changing. In the past…
Digital Sealing

Digital Sealing: The next step in digital transformation [Whitepaper]

Europe’s eIDAS Regulation aims to increase European cross border…

GDPR: What exactly is being understood as 'personal data'?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) protects personal…
Fast 50 Deloitte

Docbyte listed as number 33 in Deloitte Tech Fast 50

We are happy to announce that Docbyte became number 33 in the…