Buzzwords in banking

Buzzwords in banking, discussing a graph

In the world of banking and FinTech, you might stumble upon a lot of buzzwords. If you want to keep up with the latest lingo, here is some vocabulary that will boost your credibility when talking about banking, finances and FinTech. Use the words wisely, and to your advantage. Bank as a Service (BaaS) The… Continue reading Buzzwords in banking

Intelligent data capture [Whitepaper]

Intelligent Capture

An easy way of ensuring compliance when communicating with your customer Getting correct customer data into the right systems is an immensely crucial and often time-consuming process for many companies. Either because information reaches them on paper or because electronic communications are unstructured. Intelligent data capture, where information is extracted via AI, is the way… Continue reading Intelligent data capture [Whitepaper]

When you put a robot at the helm of automation

RPA in Banking

From Robocop through the Terminator to cute little WALL∙E, robots often appeal to the imagination. So, adding robots to process automation can get many people excited. Robotic Process Automation or RPA is definitely a growing trend. But is it really the future of the banking industry or is it just a fad destined to wither… Continue reading When you put a robot at the helm of automation