Digital Mailroom at Federale Verzekering

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Smarter processes, better services

Federale Verzekering saves time with digital transformation

There are few sectors which use as much paper as the insurance sector, mostly due to legal requirements. “That was the case at Federale Verekering too, until recently”, Olivier Halflants agrees. As the managing director of ‘Non-Life’, he is responsible for the non-life insurances. “Our business clients in particular, demanded a completely digital, and preferably mobile, communication, so we decided to digitise as many internal work processes as possible.” The Ghent ICT company Docbyte, specialist in digital transformation, was contracted to do the work. “Change management played a really important part in the project”, Olivier Halflants explains. “Digitisation of the work processes required major adjustments by our staff too. Docbyte suggested bringing in a specialist to develop the strategy with us. During an individual interview with each employee, resistance, willingness to retrain etc. were charted. That enabled us to outline the new work organisation. At the same time, we stayed as closely as possible to existing procedures, in order to make the switch as easy as possible.”

Ready for bigger challenges

Federale Verzekering and Docbyte foresaw a central role for the mailroom, a new service where staff digitise the paper documents and open new claims files. “That solution offered both social and efficiency benefits”, Halflants declares. “It offered us the opportunity of retraining all our paper document archivists. In the same move, we save valuable time for our file managers: they can get to work with the file immediately.” The argument which ultimately convinced the staff about the digital workflow was the chance of working from home. The digital transformation provides huge benefits for Federale Verzekering too, such as an end to expensive transport and archiving costs. “The digital workflow also allows us to distribute the workload better among our various locations”, adds Halflants, “and it’s more secure too: digital files are on various servers, while paper files were at risk from fire, water damage … However, the most important advantage of all was the time-saving. We recently landed a big contract. Without digital transformation, we would not have been able to handle the extra workload.”

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