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Digital Sealer

Your benefits

  • Very fast implementation for qualified digital sealing
  • Easy integration with existing systems
  • Paperless office
  • Pay as you use pricing model
  • Reduced paper costs
  • Cost reduction archiving paper documents
  • Increased efficiency through digital information exchanges, uniformly in Belgium and over Europe
  • eIDAS and GDPR compliancy
  • Faster response times to customers and partners
  • Increased process automation thanks to lack of paper documents and 100% digital processing

Your Challenges

You’ve not engaged in exchanging information digitally in Belgium and in Europe because of issues around

  • Security (is the person at the other end who he says he is?)
  • Authenticity of information (is this electronic document real and not tampered with?)
  • Trust  (am I sure that I’m interacting with the intended party and not a fraud?)
  • Legal matters (is an electronically signed document equivalent to a signed version on paper?)
  • Getting up to speed with the European legislation which comes in to effect in July 2016 and which will create opportunities of digital market expansion and cost reduction
  • Maintaining paper processes and archives for legal, commercially binding, sensitive documents etc. is very costly and inefficient
  • General Data Protection Regulation (the protection of personal identifiable information in your data)

Our Solution:Digital Sealer

  • The Docbyte solution called Digital Sealing takes away the complexity of setting up your own sealing system that should correspond to very high and costly requirements for certification. Instead, Docbyte proposes a solution that integrates, through standard techniques, with most systems, allowing you to focus on your core business, while being reassured that the documents we generate will be eIDAS and GDPR compliant and contain a qualified certificate delivered from a qualified trust service provider.  

  • Docbyte’s DocShifter module will connect to your IM system or can directly be integrated with any existing processes you have running in the generation of documents. So both massive amounts of documents and on the fly generated documents will be sent for digital sealing, while you can rest assured that the actual content of your information does not leave your systems. In return, DocShifter will update/replace the original file with one that has a valid qualified signature. Any user viewing your documents will directly be able to assure the integrity of your documents as well as the correctness of their origin. Additionally, these will contain a qualified time stamp vouching for the creation date and time of the documents.

  • This solution easily allows you to break open your boundaries and start exchanging documents digitally only, within Belgium with government instances, partners and customers as well as in any European Member State. Additionally, integrated with your IM and/or scanning solution, a process can be set up so that your paper archive is no longer needed, as the digital equivalent will be legally just as binding.

  • If you have Personal Identifiable Information in your data, you should make sure you are GDPR compliant. The General Data Protection Regulation is a tight new regulation with the goal to improve private persons' protection and unify it for all EU member states. To be compliant to this regulation we advise you to first scan all paper documents and seal them in a digital archive with limited access. To make it more easy to search for PII, we advise you to look at the software solution SCIO that relieves you from the burden to search manually.

Our approach

  • Server based approach with transparent qualified certificate signing service
  • Documents do not leave your systems
  • Scalability for mass processing of large amounts of documents as well as on the fly sealing
  • Seamless integration with your systems and processes
  • 24/7 availability
  • Responsibility and operations of managing the qualified certificates is handled by regularly audited experts


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