Teleworking in a regulated environment, is it possible?

April 1, 2020

The corona epidemic has made one thing abundantly clear: being able to work from home, in a safe environment, is key. Many companies are now making huge efforts in making this possible for their employees. However, in a highly regulated environment where the paper workflow still thrives, that’s easier said than done. You can’t transport an entire cabinet of papers to your home office. And what if you forgot that one crucial document that you need?

Digital transformation to the rescue

The obstacle to work from home is no longer the setup of a VPN to a secure server or a lack of cloud tools. The true hindrance is the fact that many processes in companies that need to adhere to strict regulations are paper-based. At Docbyte, we’ve long been advocates of leaving the paper trail behind and digitizing the flow. And the current crisis is making the need for change more pressing than ever. Even in normal times digitization brings considerable advantages, such as increased efficiency and better customer satisfaction.

After many years of research and development we have built end-to-end solutions to help compagnies in their interaction journey with their customers. Our digital mailroom focuses on getting rid of all paper. And once all the paper is digitized, our case management software helps you process and use your documents wherever you are. By combining these two solutions, you can:

  • access all files online,
  • stay connected with customers through multiple channels,
  • collaborate with colleagues on cases and more.

Moreover, we make sure you can do this in a secure environment, so you can work from home with peace of mind.

Teleworking in a regulated and safe environment? Yes, you can! Our client Optimco is using both our case management software and digital mailroom to take their work anywhere. Want to follow in their footsteps? Reach out to our experts who will be more than happy to get you out of the office and back home quickly.

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