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Intelligent Document Processing

How can Intelligent Document Processing help you and your customers with Credit Acceptance and Loan Processing?

Frederik Rosseel April 13, 2023
the European Digital Wallet

SHARCS - Selective sHARing of aCcredited SOLID Pod data

Frederik Rosseel March 30, 2023

GDPR and its impact on Digital Archiving and OAIS.

Frederik Rosseel March 24, 2023
Qualified Electronic Archiving

The FAIR Principles

Frederik Rosseel February 28, 2023
Digital Mailroom Value Chain

The Digital Mailroom Value Chain

Frederik Rosseel February 27, 2023
Know your customer

Improve Document-Based Processes in Banks and Other Finance Institutions

Frederik Rosseel February 22, 2023
Manual data entry

Negative Aspects of Manual Data Entry on Your Business 2023

Frederik Rosseel February 20, 2023
5 Ways Archiving by Design Can Help You Save Money.

5 Ways Archiving by Design Can Help You Save Money.

Frederik Rosseel January 28, 2023

eIDAS v2: Four New Trust Services

Frederik Rosseel January 27, 2023
Electronic Signatures and Seals

Preservation of Electronic Signatures and Seals: How is it done?

Bruno Van Den Bossche December 19, 2022
Continuous Training

Continuous Training

Bruno Van Den Bossche December 14, 2022
Preservation of Digital Signatures and Seals

Preservation of Digital Signatures and Seals (Intro)

Frederik Rosseel November 15, 2022

Qualified Preservation of Digital Signatures

Frederik Rosseel September 21, 2022

Are you keeping legacy applications alive just because you might still need them?

Paul Henon September 21, 2022

Digitizing your Business Operations Paperwork - A Step by Step Process for Banks and Insurance Companies

Laurent De Cocker September 21, 2022

All you need to know about the Intelligent Mailroom—automated processing and delivery of all your inbound documents

Laurent De Cocker September 21, 2022

Organize your mailroom with Machine Learning and save the day

Laurent De Cocker September 21, 2022
European accident form

How do you improve the processing of European Accident Forms?

Laurent De Cocker September 21, 2022

A Few Words on Automation—Should You Go for RPA or DPA?

Laurent De Cocker September 21, 2022

A Quick Intro to Intelligent Document Processing

Laurent De Cocker September 21, 2022

Digital Archiving: six advantages of using it

Paul Henon August 20, 2022
App retirement

Four Tips for When to Use Application Retirement

Paul Henon February 9, 2022
Application Retirement

Application Retirement - What Is It? And How Does It Work?

Paul Henon February 2, 2022

Lifting the veil: Uncovering the mysteries of Machine Learning

Frederik Rosseel January 20, 2022
Digital Maturity

What is your Digital Maturity?

Frederik Rosseel April 22, 2021
Digitaal Archief

Waarom een DMS geen Digitaal Archief is

Frederik Rosseel June 12, 2020
Docbyte Superhero

The Rise of Docbyte

Frederik Rosseel May 5, 2020

Getting customers on board with AI

Frederik Rosseel March 11, 2020

Buzzwords in banking

Frederik Rosseel February 11, 2020
Digital Onboarding

The moment Digital Onboarding moved from Salestech to Regtech

Frederik Rosseel November 19, 2019
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, the key to happy customers in banking

Frederik Rosseel August 26, 2019
Compliant digital archive

How to build a compliant digital archive [Whitepaper]

Frederik Rosseel September 17, 2018
Digital archiving strategy

Start your digital archiving strategy here [Whitepaper]

Frederik Rosseel June 11, 2018
Digital Customer Onboarding

Nine steps to successful Digital Customer Onboarding [Whitepaper]

Frederik Rosseel May 2, 2018
Digital customer onboarding

Digital customer onboarding, are we there yet?

Frederik Rosseel April 21, 2018
OAIS compliant archive

Why you need an AIP to have an OAIS compliant archive

Frederik Rosseel April 13, 2018

5 ways digital transformation impacts the industry

Frederik Rosseel December 5, 2017
Digital enterprise

Is Your Business a Digital Enterprise?

Frederik Rosseel November 13, 2017
application retirement

Application Retirement: where is your information? [Whitepaper]

Paul Henon October 26, 2017

Don't look at eIDAS and GDPR as a threat, but as an opportunity!

Frederik Rosseel September 1, 2017

The biggest eIDAS opportunity is called digital transformation

Frederik Rosseel August 28, 2017

The legal landscape of eIDAS

Frederik Rosseel May 20, 2016

Convert everything to PDF/A? Including PDF files?

Frederik Rosseel April 18, 2016


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