Case Management

Our case management solutions gets recognition by Opentext

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Docbyte has been partnered with OpenText for a while. Their Documentum software and xCP provide the basis for our Case Management solution, which is now available in the OpenText marketplace with its very own spot on their website. Officially recognized; our solution received the case management equivalent of social media’s blue tick. We’re part of the in-crowd now …

Case Management

For those unfamiliar with our software, let’s make formal introductions. Case Management helps companies keep close track of their cases. Insurance companies and financial institutions, for instance, use our solution for claims processing, customer communications, credit applications, and the contracting and onboarding of new customers. We’ve built our solution on OpenText Documentum Content Server and xCP, incorporating smart technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA).

Our blue tick

OpenText sent some love our way by providing us with a slot in their application marketplace, home to the best solutions built on top of their tech. We’re incredibly proud of this achievement, which is recognition of our efforts to create a first-rate case management solution.

In the market for a case management solution? Then pick ours, a top-notch certified tool built on innovation and proven technology. Our experts would be happy to help you with your questions.