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Did you know you can simplify your Know Your Customer and other processes? With the AI-based solutions from Docbyte, you will save time and resources while improving your customer experience when asking for sensitive data. Take a closer look!

Perceive KYC (Know Your Customer) as an opportunity:


KYC is a series of verification processes to identify your customer. Asking customers for additional information is mandatory and fights against fraud, financial crime, and money laundering. But, more than before, it is important to see KYC as a layered mechanism to intensify customer relationships. The way you handle the verification processes can either improve or decrease your customers’ experience.


Obtain sensitive information while improving customer experience:


We provide AI-based tools for banks and other financial institutions to speed up the process of asking for, receiving, and further sorting of (not only) sensitive customer data. These are our three most popular solutions:



This tool enables you to reduce the repetitive tasks your customers have to do when providing sensitive data. What is more, since the AI does the collecting, you are saving your employees’ time, too. In practice, your customers receive a request to upload a required document. Then, our tool will automatically read and connect this document to the related customer’s case.


Document Collection



Safeguard the data you receive in compliance with law regulations. Reading data from collected documents is only a part of what intelligent technologies we use in our anonymization tools can do. They are able to black out or blur images (e.g., ID headshots), too. And since it all happens in real-time, you do not have to worry about data being used or copied while it ‘waits in your folder’.




The process of collecting, evaluating, and verifying customers’ documents does not have to be done in days; hours or even minutes will be enough. From receiving, e.g., loan applications to data screening and final (dis)approval. This is great both for your customer and you—you can verify and evaluate a higher number of applications faster, and applicants will experience a whole new level of comfort.


Customer Onboarding


Can Intelligent Document Processing tools be adjusted to your type of financial business?


Shortly, yes. Perhaps, you already use some smart solutions or tools to smoothen the document-based processes. Still, implementing our solutions can enhance them significantly. A good example is our Digital Mailroom solution. Let’s say you already have a tool for the automatic scanning of inbound documents, but you lack one for document classification and data extraction. We can easily plug our Digital Mailroom tool without you having to change the way you work.


Intelligent Document Processing


Implementing the set of tools for Intelligent Document Processing will be a game-changing moment for the speed of your operations, as well as for your customers and their experience.


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