Don’t look at eIDAS and GDPR as a threat, but as an opportunity!

Since a dozen of years, personal data regulation is one of the focus points of the European legal authorities. 

The first directive from 1995 did not give the appropriate answer for the growing concern of EU citizens. 

The transposition of the directive into national law was a complicated procedure which lead to divergences in transpositions in the different member states.

GDPR protects personal data of EU citizens

In 2016, the EU passed the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will go into force on May 25th 2018. This regulation gives more rights to the EU citizens regarding their personal data that’s processed by different types of organizations:

  • Public institutions keep identification information.
  • Hospitals and medical organizations keep and manage health information.
  • Commercial companies, online service providers and social media collect information on digital aliases, accounts and web usage and process direct marketing.

Is your company archive prepared for the GDPR?

The biggest change for organizations, and the biggest concern regarding this new regulation, are the penalties which can rise up to € 20 million or 4% of worldwide annual turnover.

This threat will not only force your organization to have a look on the data you are dealing with daily. You will also have to consider your paper archives. 

What will you do with all the paper you keep for business or legal reasons? How could you show the EU supervision authorities you are only keeping information you need in your paper archives? Be sure to prepare your organization for the GDPR.

Rethink your data storage strategy:

As you may know, the GDPR applies to all processes which involve personal data. Data storage is considered as such a process too, regardless of the support or the creation date of the document.

This means that all personal data you are keeping in your paper and digital archives are subject to the GDPR.

You could look at this as a threat, but at Docbyte we like to consider it as an opportunity. A fresh start to rethink your data management policy and to reshape your archiving processes in a digital way.

Digitize your archive!


On a legal perspective, the digitization of your paper archives has since long been a difficult subject. Even today lawyers usually advise organizations to keep the “original” paper document.

However, since June 01st 2016 this is not necessary anymore. From now on we can use a qualified digital seal that is compliant with the eIDAS regulation.

A digitally sealed document now has the same legal value as its signed paper versions and thus allows you to get rid of the paper equivalent and go paperless.

DocShifter facilitates your digital transformation

The EU provides us the tool to manage personal data that’s kept within your archives. Any organization can now plan to digitize their archives when using qualified digital sealing and identifying personal data. 

The DocShifter OAIS primer provides those two functions that will grab the opportunities offered by GDPR and eIDAS. 

This will also push organizations in the way of a digital transformation, involving a more business and customer centric approach. Contact us at


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