Fintechers in Belgium

Docbyte is part of the biggest community of Fintechers in Belgium

August 20, 2018

Fintech Belgium asbl/vzw is the Federation, non-profit organisation, by and for FinTechs in Belgium. Created in 2015, it is the first and biggest community of Fintechers in Belgium and it gathers financial professionals, startup entrepreneurs and investors, who are interested in discovering and discussing disruptive business models and new technology for the financial services industry. Docbyte is now a proud member of this community.

Their 3 main missions are:

  • To be a platform for dialogue with regulators and other parties.
  • To actively and tangibly promote the Fintech sector in Belgium and Belgian Fintechs abroad.
  • To share the experience within and outside the community.

More information about Fintech Belgium here.

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