Your guide to a qualified digital archive

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Information is an important asset for companies that is intertwined in both digital and physical documents. While organizations are on the road to a fully paperless office they encounter a crucial issue, namely to be able to preserve the value of these documents, especially legal documents. Docbyte can help you with this by optimizing your information management by preserving and facilitating access to it.

The new Belgian law of July 21, 2016, commonly called the Digital Act, gives the opportunity to get rid of any risk by certifying your solution as a qualified archiving system. This certification requires technological, organisational and documentation improvements and this is where Docbyte’s experts can assist you with. Our team has a profound knowledge regarding the Digital Archiving legal framework and best practices and can therefore help you to get compliant. 

Read on in this whitepaper to start your digital archiving strategy and read on about the qualified archiving requirements.

How we can help you to preserve your valuable information in the long term

Docbyte offers a powerful technical solution and additional consulting services to help the customer to implement a digital information system that is compliant.

Based on an analysis of your needs and requirements, we propose a future proof process with the right level of archiving that responds to your capabilities. We can implement an archiving solution according to best practices, that meets the standards and protects the information value. While implementing an entirely paperless office, we ensure the legibility, authenticity and integrity of your digital documents through time and ensure legal value preservation of your documents.

This solution is technically compliant with the Belgian Digital Act and offers the service and documentation to build an internal digital archiving solution. To develop a compliant qualified archive, you need to have both a technical and an organizational solution. If you implement the solution in-house, the 2 years review will be lighter.

What are the features of our digital archiving solution?

  • Smart and flexible

We offer you a smart and flexible solution to digitize your company’s paper documents and simply integrate paper and digital records by using open formats for long-term readability and access.

  • Platform, browser and application independent

Advanced archive platforms are combined with sector-specific layers that ensure effortless integration with existing systems by its platform and browser independency. It can easily be integrated with any DMS, EIM, or ERP system and guarantees application independent access during the information life cycle.

  • Intuitive

This digital archive organizes all types of information intuitively and ensures a user friendly retrieval of information.

  • Compliant

This qualified digital archiving solution preserves legal (financial, social, …) documents according to the Belgian Digital Act and helps you to be compliant with the law and to limit the risk. We attach great importance to the security of the documents.

  • Future proof

When your software system is  getting outdated, we can also help you with application decommissioning. The OAIS based solution makes use of XML files that transform any format to a suitable long-term preservation format

What’s in it for you?

A quality digital archive makes use of adequate formats to be able to prevent technology evolution and to ensure validity, authenticity and integrity of the documents in the long term. You get rid of the maintenance of old applications but preserve the data. A quality digital archive uses open formats to facilitate accessibility and understandability of the documents. It guarantees the integrity of the information by ensuring shared access to complete files with version control and without missing documents. You get one archiving solution for all your document/business solutions. And in the end you will be compliant with the Belgian Digital Act.

Why should you work with us?

Docbyte offers the services of an experienced team with a lot of expertise in digital archiving and EIM. Our services are solution oriented. We also offer mobile friendly solutions to make optimal use of technological evolution.

We are focussed on compliant solutions like ISO 14721 and ISO 16363 and our team has an up-to-date knowledge of the Belgian Digital Act and its requirements. We offer a pre-certified solution that helps you get ready to be qualified following the Digital Act.

The key differentiator in the Docbyte approach is that we offer reliable, transparent and scalable solutions based on your needs.

Do you want to know more about digital archiving?

Do you want to learn more about our Digital Archiving solution to enhance your information management? Great! Get started today and schedule a meeting with our talented team of EIM consultants via and they will tell you everything on how to change up your archiving strategy, Digital Act compliance and much more.

Or read this free whitepaper to start your digital archiving strategy.