How does your organization respond to the digital archiving opportunities?

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Since 2016, Belgium has defined a new legal framework for digital archiving which will impact every organization in the country. Following the eIDAS principles, the Belgian Digital Act completes the legal patchwork to enable fully paperless processes and offers a huge opportunity for companies to implement their digital transformation in a legal and secure way.

The opportunities of the Digital Act

Before the Digital Act, there was a legal vacuum regarding the value of digital documents. The new legal requirements for digital archiving solutions make it possible to preserve the integrity of digital information and to prove the authenticity of documents. The Belgian Digital Act will help companies to manage a variety of documents that they have to preserve for years for operational or legal reasons, such as social, HR or accounting documents.

This Digital Act provides the opportunity to acquire an official qualification for digital archive systems from the SPF-FOD Economy. The Digital Act will strengthen the risk management of companies because it will inverse the burden of the proof regarding integrity or authenticity of digital documents. Thanks to the legal requirements, digital archiving solutions will help companies to get rid of the paper versions.

The digital challenge

Building a qualified digital archive is much more than simply storing documents. It implies organizational and operational measures such as documenting the lifecycle of information, converting files to long-term preservation formats, executing fixity checks, etc. The expert team at Docbyte can help you to meet these extended requirements to improve your existing system and/or to provide you with specific long-term technical solutions.

Docbyte’s Digital Archiver solution can provide you with:

  • Compliance analysis of your archiving system and processes
  • Recommendations for improvement of existing archiving systems
  • Process, organizational and technical documentation
  • Specific technical solutions like:
    • Digitization
    • File conversion
    • Creation of Archival Information Packages
    • Creation of Preservation metadata
    • Management and accessibility of digital archives
  • Integration of technical solutions

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