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3 Common Use Cases for Digital Sealing

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Reading Time: 3 minutes Digital seals/signatures represent important benefits for organizations as explained in a previous blog post but may also demand significant investments to realize this step in digital transformation. Existing processes do not allow for the signing/sealing process and require systems to be adapted. You should therefore first consider the processes in your organization where the integration […]

Application Retirement at AZ Alma

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Reading Time: 3 minutes Application Retirement assures system-independent conservation of vital patient information and saves time and budget. AZ Alma is a private consolidated hospital with more than 500 beds on campuses in Sijsele and Eeklo. As in every modern hospital, the necessary patient information (in digital form and otherwise) is expanding – information that is of vital importance […]

Dockerizing Documentum

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Reading Time: 3 minutes Words like containerization and Docker can no longer be avoided in the world of IT. What does it really mean for your enterprise and how will it change your Documentum environments? Before diving into Documentum, let’s start off with a small overview on the meaning of containerization. Containerization The concept of containers originates from the […]

5 Reasons why you should secure your electronic files with a digital seal

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Reading Time: 3 minutes The benefits of electronic files are sufficiently well known. By converting your paper documents to electronic files you have access to all your documents from anywhere in the world and you can easily share your documents with anyone all over the globe. In the meantime, you save office space, you maintain an eco-friendlier environment and […]

The legal landscape of eIDAS

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Reading Time: 4 minutes Europe On a European level in order to break down the barriers to a single digital marketplace, in December 1999 Europe created a Directive (1999/93/EC: http://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/?uri=uriserv:OJ.L_.2000.013.01.0012.01.ENG ) aiming to facilitate the use of digital signatures and their legal recognition. But this provided only half of the equation and did not foresee in a single, cross-border European […]

How to protect your business against fraud with a digital seal

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Reading Time: 4 minutes How to protect your business against fraud with a digital seal As our ways of doing business become more and more digital, paper document streams are increasingly unproductive and slow down the overall processes on which financial organizations spend lots of money optimizing. On the other hand, with increased digital document exchange, how can your […]

Convert everything to PDF/A? Including PDF files?

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Reading Time: 5 minutes In recent years, as the need for Long Term Archiving and Long Term Preservation of “Digital Born” information has increased, so has the call for a universal archiving format been increasing. The idea behind this is to have a file format that allows you to permanently store and read information without any loss of information. […]

How to add an index rendition to your documents in Documentum?

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Reading Time: 4 minutes When speaking of document transformation, people mostly think about converting a document from one type to another, while preserving all the data from the source document. However, this is not always required. DocShifter thinks one step beyond basic transformation and answers specific needs you might encounter. In this post I will explain how DocShifter can […]

Why you need to think about Digital Sealing…. now!

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Reading Time: 7 minutes Did you say sealing? Don’t you mean signing? No, not really. When you sign a document electronically, it’s called “digital signing” or “electronic signing”. It has the same effect as signing a paper document with a pen, like when you sign the papers to buy a house or your employment contract.  The actual act of […]

Why Insurance Companies should go digital and best start with their mailroom

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Reading Time: 4 minutes For a time now sectors as diverse as entertainment, travel and retail have been seeing the disruption a new digital player with knowledge of new technologies can cause.  The product designs are generally newer and better. Traditional companies are already feeling the impact but so far most insurance companies have not.  The latter have usually […]