Lifting the veil: Uncovering the mysteries of Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are the new hot and trendy in technology. Yet AI has been around for a while. At Docbyte, we’ve been using rule-based AI to automate sorting documents into categories for our digital mailroom. As for ML, this is where things get interesting as potential benefits are huge for… Continue reading Lifting the veil: Uncovering the mysteries of Machine Learning

What is your Digital Maturity?

What is your digital transformation status? Has the Covid-crisis really brought us on the verge of a true digital transformation in operations? Not yet. There are still a lot of companies and organizations with internal processes that rely mainly on paper and manual labour. So, what is the true state of digital transformation in the… Continue reading What is your Digital Maturity?

Waarom een DMS geen Digitaal Archief is

Digital Archive

  Documentbeheer Doelstellingen documentbeheer: Ter beschikking stellen van de juiste informatie, onder de vorm van documenten, aan de juiste personen op een digitale manier. Ondersteuning van de processen voor: creatie, productie, distributie en  opslag van documenten. Wanneer Document Management: Opzetten van 1 uniek dossier Verbeteren van structuur en vindbaarheid van documenten Versiebeheer en revisieproces van… Continue reading Waarom een DMS geen Digitaal Archief is

The Rise of Docbyte

A couple of years ago, we were thinking about a way to explain some of the things we do that even our moms would understand. As a natural born geek, I came up with the idea of a comic. The main advantage would be that people receiving the comic would not throw it as easily… Continue reading The Rise of Docbyte

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Teleworking in a regulated environment, is it possible?

Work from home

The corona epidemic has made one thing abundantly clear: being able to work from home, in a safe environment, is key. Many companies are now making huge efforts in making this possible for their employees. However, in a highly regulated environment where the paper workflow still thrives, that’s easier said than done. You can’t transport an… Continue reading Teleworking in a regulated environment, is it possible?

Getting customers on board with AI

Portrait of beautiful cheerful young businesswoman working on laptop and laughing in home office

You’ve pulled out all the stops to convince a potential client of the quality of your services and products. There’s just one more hurdle he or she needs to take: the onboarding process. An essential step, yet this is where banks and insurance companies notice a lot of customer dropouts. Why? Customers get frustrated by… Continue reading Getting customers on board with AI

Buzzwords in banking

Buzzwords in banking, discussing a graph

In the world of banking and FinTech, you might stumble upon a lot of buzzwords. If you want to keep up with the latest lingo, here is some vocabulary that will boost your credibility when talking about banking, finances and FinTech. Use the words wisely, and to your advantage. Bank as a Service (BaaS) The… Continue reading Buzzwords in banking

European ambitions for RegTech software that helps banks to comply with AML regulations

Know Your Customer - reliable business concept, bright text message on black board

Press release The Ghent-based software company Docbyte, set up by the economist Frederik Rosseel, launches the Amazon-hosted cloud software ‘ID Capture and screening’ this month as a separate product on the market. They are focusing this solution for compliance with KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering”) on banks, insurers, leasing companies and lenders… Continue reading European ambitions for RegTech software that helps banks to comply with AML regulations

Digital Mailroom at Optimco

Digital Mailroom Optimco

Eliminating backlog and reducing record handling times at Optimco Flemish insurance company Optimco works with over 1,200 independent insurance agents on a daily basis. It manages about 160,000 contracts for 115,000 customers, which means a lot of back and forth communication. At Optimco, everyone is treated like a winner and friendly, personal communication is very… Continue reading Digital Mailroom at Optimco