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Digital Sealing: The next step in digital transformation [Whitepaper]

Europe’s eIDAS Regulation aims to increase European cross border digital exchange of information and push governments to more digital exchange with citizens. For organisations, eIDAS provides a legal framework for website authentication, digital signature, digital sealing, qualified timestamping and more. New “cloud of trust” service provisions will emerge providing trusted services around identification, signature, sealing […]

3 Common Use Cases for Digital Sealing

Digital seals/signatures represent important benefits for organizations as explained in a previous blog post but may also demand significant investments to realize this step in digital transformation. Existing processes do not allow for the signing/sealing process and require systems to be adapted. You should therefore first consider the processes in your organization where the integration […]

The legal landscape of eIDAS

Europe On a European level in order to break down the barriers to a single digital marketplace, in December 1999 Europe created a Directive (1999/93/EC: http://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/?uri=uriserv:OJ.L_.2000.013.01.0012.01.ENG ) aiming to facilitate the use of digital signatures and their legal recognition. But this provided only half of the equation and did not foresee in a single, cross-border European […]